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Mission 63 - Overview
Wolverine 1

Kuma\War takes you back to where it all began, to Wolverine One-the initial target US forces raided on the night Saddam Hussein's fate was sealed. In this custom Red on Blue multiplayer map, up to four teams are blocked inside the target area, a small stretch of road riddled with multi-story buildings and some surprises for the savviest explorers to find. Wolverine One is Kuma's latest installment in our series of Saddam-inspired maps, released to coincide with one of the most important court trials in history.

Saddam Hussein began his first trial for murder on October 19, 2005 inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone-a mere kick start to a slew of proceedings the deposed president is expected to face.

On the opening day of court, Saddam Hussein states his unwillingness to recognize either the court or the charges levied against him. By the end of the day, he scuffles with guards as they attempt to lead him out.

A month later, the first witness to the Dujayl massacre's testimony is heard on tape-a deceased former Iraqi intelligence officer who investigated the event. The same day, Saddam complains to court officials that foreign prison guards have taken away his pen, rendering him unable to sign the court documents. In light of events surrounding the trial, it is a petty matter. Four defense attorneys are no-shows after the murder of two of Saddam's other lawyers. The trial is adjourned until December 5.

When court resumes, the trial is immediately delayed for more than an hour when Saddam's defense lawyers challenge the legitimacy of the proceedings. When their motions are defeated, they walk out. Later, the first witness to appear in person takes the stand. Though the testimony is frequently interrupted with bitter interjections by Saddam and his half-brother, the court hears a harrowing account of what became of Dujayl's citizens once they were taken prisoner. Arms and legs were broken; feet were shot. And live bodies were fed through what the witness can only describe as a "mincing machine".

Three more witnesses take the stand the following day. All are shielded behind a curtain for fear of reprisal. As the judge announces court is adjourned for the day, Saddam tells him to "go to hell".

On the morning of December 7, Saddam Hussein fails to appear in court. He claims he is a victim of "terrorism", has no clean shirt or underwear, and threatens not to return to court. The trial continues in his absence and two witnesses, ex-prisoners snatched from Dujayl, detail months of torture they endured in Abu Ghraib. The court learns the men suffered from sleep deprivation and starvation, and were routinely forced to stand on their feet for days on end.

It is the last testimony heard before a week-long break during Iraq's parliamentary vote. When the trial resumes, it is unknown if Saddam will be present, but one thing's for sure: the witnesses wait to enter the courtroom, to tell their story, to seek justice. Waiting too is the world, right on the edge of its seat.

Release date: December 15, 2005

Wolverine 1

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