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Mission 72 - Overview
Urban Hostage Rescue

US Special Forces and British SAS soldiers are well-equipped to handle the horrific abductions that take place in Iraq. But Intel is often limited, and criminals and terrorists that hold foreigners captive are unreasonable and frighteningly unpredictable.

With trace amounts of information, could you accurately locate and safely rescue a hostage in Iraq? The dangers you face are largely unknown and the enemy is capable of ruthless executions—both you and the hostage are in constant, imminent danger.

Our mission is loosely based on the events that occurred last month in the Baghdad area, but we’ve added the additional challenge of a slew of armed insurgents awaiting your arrival. The hostage will not be easy to locate, nor will the enemy be easily defeated.

Use your urban assault training and raw instinct to accomplish the mission. Should you fail, you and the hostage will die. But if you manage to outsmart the kidnappers, your heroic actions will free one more innocent man from the clutches of terrorism.

Release date: April 30, 2006

Urban Hostage Rescue

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