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Mission 27 - Tactical
Timed Tactical Exercise

The first important tactical aspect of this mission is to secure the flanks. You're going to have to be aware of enemies to the side and rear. Any direction your gun's not pointing is considered your flank. Never leave an area behind or to the side of you before you have explored all the avenues of approach thoroughly. If you clear a building and run, you are likely to get flanked. It's important to shape the battlefield. Don't go too fast. If you secure your flanks, you will make it impossible for the enemy to attack with any success.

You get a limited amount of ammunition in this exercise, so practice fire discipline. Don't use a lot of suppressive fire. This is more a special ops- type mission in that you don't want to spray the area to see what shakes out. You want to make sure every shot counts. One way to go is to double-tap and move. If you sit still in this mission, the enemy will adjust to your position.

You can occasionally take a risk and try to use a grenade to upset the balance. Try and get close enough to take out more than one enemy at a time with your grenade. This will help to give you a time advantage, which then becomes a tactical advantage, if you work it successfully.

Getting in close is risky but being aggressive can pay off. As you work from objective to objective, take short movements, minimize your exposure, get close, and get out quickly. If you spend time on visual reconnaissance, you're going to waste valuable time.

As for snipers, they are as dangerous as always, so you're going to have to stay low and minimize your exposure to long range fire. Move fast through open areas, and don't tackle larger areas than you need to. Small moves from cover to cover may take a little longer but will be much safer. When you get to an area of cover, quickly drop into a crouch position or go prone.

This is an unusual mission from a larger tactical perspective because it is unlikely you would advance alone unless you were fighting your way out of an area. In the real world, you would most likely have a squad or fire team with you. This exercise is great for practicing your own fire and maneuver techniques though. Shoot and move. And make sure you have secured the area in all directions before you move on. These are valuable skills to hone and will help in all Kuma\War missions.

From an interview with US Army Staff Sergeant Dan Snyder

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Timed Tactical Exercise