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Mission 27 - Overview
Timed Tactical Exercise

Back by popular demand... again!

The popular demand was so hearty, we' re now bringing you the third Timed Exercise in our series. This promises to be the most challenging thus far because this time around, the targets shoot back.

Your targets in this mission are actual enemies. We've designed a MOUT course fashioned loosely on the Iraqi theater of war. You will have specific weapons to start. You must complete the mission with what you're given and what you pick up along the way. The loadout's not up to you. And we've kept it challenging. You'll find yourself at a severe disadvantage, especially going against snipers without the benefit of actually having your own sniper rifle.

When you complete the exercise successfully - and this might take a while - post your time on the leader board. Then try to better your time or beat the times of your fellow Kuma recruits.

We know you can speed through a course of spinning plates (and the occasional random enemy). How will you do against an entire course of nothing but enemies? Only your time will tell.

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Timed Tactical Exercise