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Mission 60 - Overview
Iraqi National Army vs. Insurgents: Struggle in Tikrit

Iraqi soldiers in the volatile Sunni Triangle continue to be a primary target for pro-Saddam loyalists and foreign fighters. The Iraqi police are short on artillery, mortars and armored vehicles, but their investigative skills, convoy security expertise and covert raids are being heralded by US forces. For the first time since the formation of the new Iraqi Army, a battalion-sized element in Tikrit conducted completely independent operations-from the investigation of 10 fugitives to the swift, covert raid that netted two arrests and an enemy weapons cache. The Iraqi Army has now officially become a force to be reckoned with.

But the units are young, and the insurgency is has a strong foothold in areas like Tikrit, where resistance fighters shot and killed three Americans in an ambush just two weeks ago. Last week, insurgents launched a coordinated series of strikes and ambushes against US forces, and an IED attack killed a police colonel, his two sons, and two young girls standing nearby.

The surge in violence, along with the start of Saddam Hussein's trial, has resulted in an intensification of raids by the 4th Division Sector of the Iraqi Army. As up to a hundred people marched through the streets of Tikrit chanting support for Saddam last week, the army was carrying out covert operations against the remaining Baathist loyalists. By Friday, Iraqi soldiers had Saddam Hussein's nephew in custody on charges of financing insurgent activities.

Though Iraqi soldiers across Iraq put their lives at risk for their country every day, we chose to model the city of Tikrit for our playable mission. Tikrit is Saddam Hussein's hometown, and a time-honored breeding ground for anti-democratic movements. All eyes are on the Baathist stronghold, as it has the potential to either flourish or crumble under Iraqi control.

The custom red-on-blue multiplayer map gives you a firsthand feel for the long and narrow streets of Tikrit, a tight layout that leaves little in the way of defensive depth. In the playable mission, your team is comprised of either the tough-as-nails Iraqi Army, or a ruthless band of insurgents.

As an Iraqi soldier in Tikrit, you are well trained in the art of conducting stunning, pre-dawn raids, thwarting suicide bombers, and capturing insurgents. As a member of the opposing force, you resort to any and all tactics to thwart the Iraqi soldiers, and no one knows the shadowy streets of Tikrit better.

Release date: October 31, 2005

Iraqi National Army vs. Insurgents: Struggle in Tikrit

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