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Mission 61 - Overview
Operation Steel Curtain

Husayba, Iraq-November 5, 2005: When al Qaeda operatives take over an Iraqi village on the Syrian border, the US military sends 3,500 combined forces to take back the town.

Clearing a city house-by-house is an expertly executed task by Marines and Iraqi soldiers, but when Coalition forces enter the al Qaeda haven of Husayba, the rules of engagement become blurred. Soldiers discover the village is riddled with homemade bombs, and troops are openly bombarded with fire from homes, schools, and a mosque. It seems al Qaeda has expected the arrival of US forces, and the counter-offensive is a punishing show of preparation.

The tight alleyways make maneuverability impossible. The narrow streets provide little coverage for the incoming troops and leave them fully exposed to rebels in the surrounding buildings. Since every structure is a potential hiding spot for the terrorists, each building must be entered, cleared, and held down.

Can you lead your men through one of the most vicious towns in Iraq? In the playable mission, Kuma\War takes you through the streets of Husayba, where it's up to you to launch an offensive so important; it could effectively wipe out al Qaeda from the region. See what it's like to encounter a restive, violent village on the brink of destruction and in desperate need of military might to bring it under control.

There are IEDs at your feet and snipers overhead. The surrounding buildings are teeming with terrorists. Move too slowly and you risk exposing your troops too soon. Lead your men too quickly and you could turn your back on the terrorists lying in wait. It will be a hard-earned victory, but its importance can't be overstated: It's up to you and your men to lower the Steel Curtain over al Qaeda.

Release date: November 18, 2005

Operation Steel Curtain

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