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Mission 79 - Overview
Sadr City SP

In May of 2004, Kuma released its first mission based in Sadr City while 1st Cavalry soldiers were engaged in a bloody, two-day battle throughout the region that captivated the world and brought attention to Muqtada al Sadr and his loyal fighters for their harrowing acts of violence in Sadr City.

The angry, restless nature of the enemy has proved it has staying power: Sadr City is every bit as lethal as it was when soldiers entered it more than two years ago. Just last month, American forces sealed the roads to Sadr City for days after a US reservist from Ann Arbor, Michigan was kidnapped while visiting his Iraqi wife in Baghdad. Handcuffed and abducted by the Mahdi Army, the US retaliated by isolating Sadr City in a rigorous manhunt. When word spread the Mahdi Army leader Muqtada al Sadr was blocked inside the sprawling neighborhood, the US executed a series of blistering air raids and ground assaults.

Join the fight in Sadr City in Kuma\War's latest episode. As a US soldier tasked with locating and executing members of the vicious Mahdi Army, you'll experience in first-person the unique layout of Sadr City and engage in punishing urban combat. Can you survive in one of Iraq's most infamous cities, against an enemy so notorious for its ruthlessness?


Sadr City SP

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