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Mission 69 - Overview
Port Security

When President Bush approved Dubai Ports World’s bid to take over port security in six key American ports, it sparked a congressional and public debate. Some politicians are left questioning the president’s decision-making policies, while President Bush voices concerns that killing the deal casts the US in a negative light in the Middle East. One thing is for certain: The Dubai deal raised the public’s consciousness about the state of port security in America.

Most of the millions of shipping containers hold within them exactly what they purport: electronics, clothing, alcohol. But Coast Guard operators only have the capacity to inspect about 5% of all cargo, and security experts fear much more ominous packages could arrive unchecked, like dirty bombs or armed terrorists.

In the playable mission, you are a Coast Guard operator tasked with the inspection of a fresh load of imports. In a simulation of what some experts fear could come to fruition, your team discovers terrorist stowaways—a daring plot that begins with the ultimate element of surprise. The port attack is well-planned and executed by the terrorists, and if you fail to contain the enemy, the port—and the city—will soon be overrun by al Qaeda operatives.

Can you thwart a vicious, shoreline attack by al Qaeda? It is a confusing fight, complicated by tons of cargo piled along the water’s edge. As a Coast Guard soldier, you’re trained to anticipate the worst-case scenario, but how prepared are you for a large-scale attack inside America’s ports? The time has come, the ships have arrived, and the danger lies within.

Release date: March 30, 2006

Port Security

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