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Mission 64 - Overview
Opium Wars

Helmand Province, Afghanistan-October 10, 2005: Just before nightfall in the western province of Helmand, 150 Afghan police officers come under attack from all sides of a ravine. The ambush against the police convoy is launched by Taliban fighters-no surprise considering the province is feared for its frequent terrorist activity. But in this attack, the Taliban is aided by an unlikely source: local drug dealers, opium pushers with an agenda all their own.

The convoy travels close to the Pakistan border, en route to introduce the newly appointed district police chief to other security officers. The attackers are lying in wait, and as the sun begins to set and the convoy rolls past, the dusk sky is lit up by gunfire and rockets from all sides. The ambush is overwhelming, expertly executed against the Afghan police.

As police officers attempt to flee the area by running toward a nearby hill, they find there are Taliban and armed drug dealers in position at every turn. The ensuing gun battle lasts for hours, as police find themselves trapped in a seemingly boundless kill zone.

By 1:00 the next morning, 20 Afghan Police officers lay dead, including Helmand's Deputy Police Chief. Five police vehicles are left in ruins, and a sixth vehicle is believed to have been stolen by either the Taliban or the drug smugglers during the attack.

Is it possible to battle your way out of such a massive ambush? As a member of the Afghanistan National Police, it's up to you to fight simultaneously against some of the most feared warriors the world over and an entirely different enemy with an unknown method of operation: drug dealers so desperate to hold onto their livelihood they join forces with ruthless terrorists who undermine the rebuilding of their own nation.

Know your strengths: you're an expert marksman with a highly skilled team behind you. Move quickly through the ravine, scope out the enemy from every corner, and prepare to lead your men through this spectacular opening to the Opium Wars.

Release date: December 30, 2005

Opium Wars

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