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Mission 56 - Overview
Operation Whalers

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan—August 11, 2005: US and Afghan forces launch a merciless strike against the Taliban in response to the brutal murder of 19 Special Forces troops.

In June, members of the Taliban launched a horrific attack against four Navy SEALs in the eastern Koregnal Valley of Afghanistan, killing three SEALs and downing a helicopter packed with 16 soldiers en route to their rescue. In the weeks that follow, hundreds of Afghan rebels and militants from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Chechnya create a fusion of forces that quickly, quietly gains momentum from the depths of the valley.

US and Afghan forces storm into the volatile region. From one end of the valley, a flood of soldiers infiltrate the rugged mountains, enduring a 48-hour exhausting and treacherous journey into the heart of the Taliban. All the while, A-10 attack aircraft circle ominously above, like massive buzzards anticipating the kill.

As a member of the elite force of Marines and Afghan fighters, you must navigate a desolate, twisted mass of rough trails and mountain passes, only to endure the most intense fighting seen in Afghanistan to date. In an area where 1,000 men have died in the past six months, can you expect to survive? Every shadow bears a new attacker, and every moment brings paralyzing uncertainty.

There are snipers and ambushers lying in wait—and there are no rules of engagement. To make it out alive it takes exceptional speed, raw firepower, and the sheer will to survive.

Release date: August 29, 2005

Operation Whalers

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