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Mission 53 - Overview
Operation Spear

Karabilah, Iraq—June 17, 2005: Marines confront insurgents in the streets of Karabilah, only to face a bold and violent response, and one dramatic surprise.

Operation Spear is a violent urban assault, one that uncovers the resourcefulness, determination, and sheer brutality of the terrorists. Multiple targets are first softened with air strikes, but the rebels’ resilience to the operation’s opening stages is astonishing.

As Marines descend on the city, the rebels rise up. And a ferocious battle wages for days.

As a member of Regimental Combat Team 2, you’re fine-tuned in the art of urban assault, but this is the 4th major offensive in the region in three months. Now, only the fiercest insurgents are left standing. You know you’ll find terrorists at every turn, and there are bomb factories everywhere. But the most stunning find of all is a group of hostages: neglected, beaten, and left to die.

Lead your team in a massive infiltration of Karabilah, where terrorists wage war against you in an unprecedented, city-wide assault. Pour into every crack and crevice to flush out the rebels from homes and stores, mosques and schools—none of which are sacred in the eyes of the insurgents.

Somewhere in this city surrounded by vicious killers, there are hostages. Their fate lies in your hands.

Release date: July 30, 2005

Operation Spear

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