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Mission 50 - Overview
Operation New Market

Haditha, Iraq—May 25, 2005: 1,000 Marines and Iraqi soldiers storm the Euphrates city, the staging area from which local and foreign fighters launch vicious attacks.

As the US military’s follow-up to Operation Matador, US Marines and Iraqi soldiers join forces to covertly surround the city of Haditha. The mission: a swift and dangerous cordon and search. While the outskirts are guarded, every edifice is surrounded and methodically raided for enemy fighters, weapons and support structures.

Lead your Marines along the bank of the Euphrates River into the restive city gripped by Iraqi rebels and killers that descended from the Syrian border. Expect the unexpected behind every door: the insurgents use homes and even schools as battlegrounds. It is here that you’ll experience firsthand the peril of urban warfare in the block-to-block battles that ensue.

The city is paralyzed; your men are ready, but the enemy is desperate to escape your trap.

Release date: June 30, 2005

Operation New Market

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