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Mission 47 - Overview
Operation Matador

al-Qaim, Iraq—May7, 2005: US Marines launch across the Euphrates to intercept insurgents on the Syrian border. But the plan goes awry when rebels from a neighboring village attempt to draw first blood.

Intelligence indicates insurgents are massed north of the Euphrates River, fighters that will enter the gateway to Iraq through the Syrian border to join in the insurgency. To stop the inflow of more fighters into Iraq, the US launches an offensive from the southern bank of the river. But before Marines can cross the waterway from their base in al-Qaim, rebels attack the US troops from a nearby village.

The deadly diversion opens what will be the biggest military show of force since Operation Vigilant Resolve, the Marines’ massive attack on Fallujah in response to the murder and mutilation of four civilian contractors a year ago.

As a member of the US Marines, your plan of attack is to enter the insurgents’ hideout to answer to the barrage of mortar fire they launched on your troops. The boldness of the enemy’s initial attack pales in comparison to what you discover upon entering the village. The insurgents are exceptionally well-organized. They have plenty of equipment, including body armor. And they have a plan.

After luring you in, the killers stage their fight from the tops of buildings and from basement floors. Homes are cushioned with sandbag bunkers and fighters are behind every shadow. Lead your team with physical prowess and a steely mentality that allows you to shift from offense to defense and back again. Above all, you’ll need unparalleled speed and stealth to infiltrate the village and root out the killers, for they know you’re coming.

Release date: May 31, 2005

Operation Matador

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