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Important Notices:

To play or host a multiplayer game, you will need the free full version of Kuma\War available here.

Multiplayer Introduction

Each episode from the collection of Kuma\War missions can be played as an online multiplayer game. Customize your multiplayer games by serving your own match, or jump in a game hosted by one of several servers we have running 24/7. Online multiplayer games can be played in one of three modes: co-op, RedonBlue or mission.

Co-op is cooperative multiplayer game where you and your allies play together to complete the mission as a team against enemy forces. You play the single player missions with real people in your squad instead of computer-controlled soldiers. Chat to take and give directions or to warn your squad of danger up ahead as you move with stealth through the buildings and over the landscape. Working as one unstoppable force is how it's done in the real-world operations, and scores of multiplayers like to replicate the missions cooperatively.

RedonBlue is a head-to-head match between two or more teams of players. With the foreign enemy taken out of the scenario, your targets are squads of real participants. With unpredictable positioning and choice of weaponry, the games are fast-paced and exciting. RedonBlue can also be played as a free-for-all, where it's every man for himself and any other player is fair game. You may all be "enemies" on the playing field, but nowhere else is the chat as friendly and entertaining as it is in a RedonBlue session. The game ends when either team runs out of time or when one of the teams reaches the predetermined number of kills. Try RedonBlue games in Mission 1a (Uday and Qusay Part 1)

Free-For-All (FFA) is a match where it's every man for himself, and the player with the most points at the end of the round, or the player who scores the set number of kills, wins. This currently appears as "DM" in the type column in the server list.

Mission mode, developed with our military experts, is a goal-oriented event you complete as a team of attackers or defenders. Break up into Alpha, Bravo and Charlie companies to complete the set objectives by using real-world strategies. Mission mode gives you a sense of the varied terrain and hidden dangers as you make your way through the maps as one unit, protecting plenty of ground-and each other. The trick to this mode is cooperation and selecting the correct player character (skin) for your team. If you have lots of players, try it in Mission 1a. If not, try Mission mode in Mission 1b (Uday and Qusay Part 2).

Kuma\War hosts "Multiplayer Mania" nights several times a week to encourage players to test their skills against Kuma staff members and developers. We give away prizes like Kuma\War t-shirts, hats and travel mugs during these events, and it's a great way to give us some feedback, ask any questions about the missions or request your favorite maps.

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How to join a multiplayer game

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Kuma\War and have an active account. Don't have Kuma\War yet? Download it for free now!

The following steps will get you into a multiplayer game quickly and easily.

1. Run Kuma\War and allow the update when asked.

2. On the Kuma\War menu please select "MULTIPLAYER"

3. After loading, the next screen will display two options: "Join Game" or "Host Game". If you select "Join," you will be able to join other Kuma multiplayer games. If you select "Host," you will be able to host a multiplayer game and have other Kuma players join your game. This section covers joining a game. Before you select Join, enter your name as you would like it to appear in the game. You do this by clicking on the word "Name." Use the backspace key to remove the letters in the word "Player" and type in your handle. Now click "Join Game."

4. The next menu that appears will help you pick the right game for you. This is the server list showing all games currently in progress. Start by clicking "New List." You can also check detailed info on a selected server to see if it's right for you. The columns show the name of the game as set by the host, the level or mission under "Map," the type of game, the number of players, and finally a "ping" value. The ping value indicates how fast the game will operate. The lower the number, the better the connection, and the faster the game will play for you.

5. When you find the server you want, click on that server to highlight it. Then click on the arrow pointing right in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will bring you to your character setup screen.

6. On this next screen, you can now communicate with other players in the game via text chat. Hit the ' key, type in a message, and then hit the "Enter" key. You will see your message appear onscreen.

If you select a Co-op or Mission game, this screen will be the Mission Briefing and Objectives Screen. If you select a RedonBlue game, you will go directly to the "Equip" screen.

The "Equip" screen allows you to setup your character. Change the appearance or "skin" of your character by clicking "Model." Clicking successively cycles you through each of the more than 30 models in the game. You can change your weapon load out by dragging weapons from the weapons menu located on the right side of the screen. The first selection of weapons you see is Primary Weapons. Drag the weapon you want to the little box called "primary" located on the left side of the screen. For secondary weapons and items, click on the buttons located on top of the weapons menu marked "Secondary" and "Items," and then arm them the same way you would a primary weapon.

7. When finished, click on the arrow pointing right in the upper-right corner of the screen to join the game. Note: You can not enter the game if the host has not started the game.

8. When you enter the game, you can hit the ' key and then type "/help". Hit enter to display a list of in-game commands.

9. You can talk to all players in the game a (see "In-game voice chat.") You can talk to just your teammates by hitting the ; key. To talk to a specific player, hit the "L" key, type in their game name, and then type in your message.

How to host a game

The following steps will show you how to quickly set-up a multiplayer match.

1. On the Kuma\War menu, please select "MULTIPLAYER." Then select "Host Game."

2. This brings you to the hosting menu where you can customize your multiplayer game (please look at the section marked "Server Setup" for a detailed decription of each multiplayer mode.)

3. To host a quick RedonBlue game, start by clicking on "Game Type" to cycle through the various types of games.

4. Set the maximum number players you would want in your game by clicking on "Max Players."

5. Set when you would like the game to end. There are two options: "Time limit" or "Score limit." Click on the "Time Limit" button if you would like the game to have a predetermined time limit. Click on "Score Limit" if you would like to set the game to a predetermined score limit. Remember you can always mix the two options together to fine-tune your game (ie: Set the time limit to 10 minutes and the score limit to 20. The game ends with whichever comes first).

6. Next scroll down to the button marked "Teams," and click on it until you see the number "2" to create two teams. You can also leave it as 'FFA' which stands for free-for-all so it's every man for himself.

7. Select the map(s) you want to play on by creating a list in the "Maps List." If a map you want to play is not there, hit the "+" key to add it. To remove a map from the list, select the map and hit the "-" key. Maps play in the order they appear in the list. To change their positions in the list, use the up and down arrows.

8. Click on the arrow pointing to the right in the upper-right side of the screen. This will bring you to the "Equip" screen described above.

9. Select your character and click on the arrow pointing right in the upper-right corner of the screen, and you are done. Note: For other players to be able to see and join your game, you cannot be hosting the game behind a firewall.

10. When you enter the game, you can hit the single-quote key and then type "/help" and then hit enter to display a list of in-game commands.

Server setup

When you want to host a multiplayer game, there are many options available to you to customize your server. Not all options are applicible to all three types of game.

Game Type:

Set the type of game by clicking this button: Coop, Mission Based, RedonBlue
Max Players: Select from 1-32 players
Time Limit: Set a predetermined time in minutes in which you want the game to end.
Score limit: Set a score limit as a number of kills.
Respawn time: Set the number of seconds it takes to get back into a game after you die. If you set enemy lives to more than one, they respawn using this time period.
Player Lives: Set the total amount of lives a player is allowed during the game.
Enemy Lives: Set the total amount of lives an enemy is allowed to have during the game.
Item Deletions Time: Set the amount of time a dropped item or weapon can stay in the game before it's deleted. Certain vehicles respawn; they respawn using this time period.
Game Start Delay: Set the amount of time players will be able to preview the map in spectator mode before entering the game.
Games per Map: Set the number of games that will be played per map before moving to the next map in the list.
Number of Teams: Set the number of separate teams you want to compete in the game. You can also select "FFA" where there are no teams, and it's every man for himself.
Dedicated server: Run a dedicated server for other players. NOTE: While in dedicated server mode, you cannot play the game.
Allow 3rd person: Allows players in the game to select from 2 camera angles: 1st person or 3rd person.
Friendly Fire: Setting this on by choosing "Yes" allows teammates to kill each other.
Explosions hit all: Setting this on enables explosions from grenades and rockets to affect teammates as well as opponents.
Auto Balance Teams: Setting this on makes the game automatically balance the number of players on each team in team-based games.
List on Gamespy: Setting this on lists the game on Gamespy's multiplayer matchmaking servers.
Allow duplicate names: Setting this on allows players to have identical names. (These names appear over their heads in-game and in the multiplayer stats.)


  1. Before you can play a mission, check to see that you have downloaded it from the Mission Pages! This is a common oversight. This includes the featured mission.
  2. There is an invulnerability problem where some players and enemies occasionally do not take damage. This is caused by players getting out of synch with the server and can be brought on by players joining with a high ping. If the problem persists for more than a minute, quit out and rejoin. We are working on a fix.
  3. For more help click here or email questions to

Multiplayer Update


  1. We have a new Kuma\War exe with some new features to enhance the realism of the experience. One is follow-cam. This is straight-forward. You will now follow your teammates in MP matches when you are spectating if this feature is enabled.
  2. Another new feature is integrated VOICE CHAT. This enables you to talk with the your MP teammates without any 3rd party software! NOTE: By implementing this feature we have reset all KEYBOARD settings to the defaults. To use this feature go into Options and the NEW Voice Chat section. Set your mic to On and the other settings should be suitable. One thing you may want to do is set your Master Volume in Sounds to 20% to better hear the chat.
  3. In a team-based mode such as Mission Mode and Team RedOnBlue, you will speak only to your team members by default. Spectators and the opposing team cannot hear you unless you use the Global Broadcast key, nor can they speak to you unless they use it. In Cooperative and Free-For-All RedOnBlue games, you will speak to all players in the game, including spectators, and the broadcast key is not needed.

In-game voice chat commands

  • Hear Player Voices: YES enables voice chat.
  • Playback Volume: Sets the volume of other players' voices.
  • Playback Device: Select the audio playback device to hear voice chat.
  • Turn on Microphone: YES allows you to speak.
  • Microphone Volume: Set lower if players complain your voice is too loud.
  • Recording Device: Select the microphone device for voice chat.
  • Microphone Activation Mode: Set to Voice Activated for most convenience or to Push-to-Talk (like a walkie-talkie) if you are having trouble tuning the Voice Activation Threshold. If you don't have a headset you should use Push-to-Talk.
  • Voice Activation Threshold: This value picks up your voice and then transmits. Lower numbers make it more sensitive meaning it activates at a quieter sound level. Set this higher if ambient sounds or your breathing incorrectly activate the talk feature.
  • Push-to-Talk Activation key: Push and HOLD this key while talking when you use Push-to-Talk.
  • Global Broadcast Key: This allows talk to all players. DO NOT ABUSE or it will be removed.
  • Most of these features can be accessed in-game so you can talk to other players to help with your settings. If you find you can't hear and/or be heard after adjusting settings, you may have to quit out and come back in particularly when changing the Device settings.
  • VOICE CHAT etiquette: You should use a headset with integrated mic -- a mic and speakers may cause feedback and echo problems. DO NOT OVERUSE the feature -- talk for tactical purposes only. In the event there is abuse by bad apples, you have options: you can ignore individuals with the /vignore command and you can set your server to not enable voice chat to disable the feature completely. See below for the Voice Chat Help Instructions.

Multiplayer Notes on Missions

Current Mission:

Mission 68, MP Tank Battle. Though we feature tanks in several other missions, we recognize the intense interest our players have in using tanks as the primary vehicle and weapon. (One of our most heavily downloaded maps is Mission 49: Desert Rats Tank Battle.) We decided it's time to introduce a custom multiplayer-only map where, for the first time, tanks are the exclusive means of battle.

Previous Entries:

Mission 67, Kuma\War Biathlon Obstacle Course (Single-Player Only). Kuma\War's tribute to the Winter Olymics. There is written evidence that hunting on skis took place 400 years before Christ, and by the 18th century, biathlon training became a steadfast military tradition for mountain patrol guards in Europe and Scandinavia. The Biathlon was a natural choice as an Olymics export into Kuma\War. We have introduced a Stamina bar, which affects your running speed and shot accuracy as you tire. This course includes several mazes and rough terrain. Manage your Stamina as you find your way through these obstacles to your Target Areas. Shoot your targets and keep moving, this is a timed event.

Mission 66, Blood and Oil, Part II. The continuation of Mission 65, this map gives you the opportunity to see how difficult a task defending an Iraqi oil field is. Because the pipelines run for thousands of miles across the desert, pipeline security forces are largely unprotected from the fierce and frequent attacks. Playable in all modes, this mission is best executed as a cooperative match against the enemy AI.

Mission 65, Blood and Oil. We modeled this mission after a typical (and all-too-common) convoy attack against Iraqi fuel tankers. The country has been thrown into a fuel crisis due to the frequency and severity of insurgent attacks against oil production facilities and delivery units. This mission is ideal for co-op matches, where your team will coordinate the convoy and drive the massive tankers to safety.

Mission 64, Opium Wars. The War on Drugs and the War on Terror clash in Afghanistan when a large military convoy is ambushed by armed opium dealers and Taliban fighters. We modeled the mountainous region for cooperative game play, where you have to work together to take out the snipers on the high ground.

Mission 63, Wolverine One. We expanded on Operation Red Dawn by opening up the remote area where Saddam was captured for custom red-on-blue game play. This is the first mission where we designed some walls and doors to be blown open, giving savvy gamers access to secret passageways and positions.

Mission 62, Operation Red Dawn. This is perhaps the most long-awaited and most requested simulation. The capture of Saddam Hussein by the 4th Infantry Division wasn't exactly the fierce standoff many predicted, but now you can experience Hussein's desolate hideout, and feel what it was like to uncover and detain the Butcher of Baghdad.

Mission 61, Operation Steel Curtain. This battle on the Syrian border is an urban assault in a city with thousands of innocent residents held captive by al Qaeda fighters. The rebels know that Iraqi and US soldiers are coming, so the element of surprise is gone. In both co-op and mission mode, the game begins with snipers set up and IEDs laid down, so attackers beware.

Mission 60, Iraqi National Army vs. Insurgents: Struggle in Tikrit. This is the first custom red-on-blue map that limits your model, starting you in the game as either an Iraqi National Army soldier or an Iraqi insurgent. The two-team ROB action gives you a firsthand feel for the long and narrow streets of Tikrit, and forces you to navigate a tight layout and limited defensive depth.

Mission 59, The Crime of Dujayl: Saddam's Revenge. We released this map to coincide with the start of Saddam Hussein's court trials. The first event for which he is charged with crimes against humanity, the events in Dujayl, Iraq involve an initial assassination attempt against Hussein, and the revenge he taxed against the small village as a result. This mission is an ideal small co-op team challenge.

Mission 58, Assault on Iran. This is the first mission we simulated that, to date, has not actually taken place. With tensions rising between the international community and Iran's nuclear ambitions, we decided to present one scenario of how an infiltration into an Iranian nuclear facility might go down. This is a mission that could be executed by a small group of Special Ops and ground troops, and best played as a 5-10 troop co-op game.

Mission 57, IED Sweep. This mission is designed to showcase the number one killer of American forces in Iraq: the improvised explosive device. IEDs are found virtually everywhere in Iraq: along the roadsides, on top of garbage, and inside cell phones. It takes a keen eye to spot the IEDs in this mission, and detonating or steering clear of them is no easy task. This map is excellent in co-op or mission modes.

Mission 56, Operation Whalers. We modeled this large-scale, 11-day mission in the form of a comprehensive map that's ideal for co-op and mission modes. The desolate mountain passes are the perfect camouflage for Taliban fighters.

Mission 55, Baghdad Checkpoint Attack. With a sharp increase in the number of checkpoint attacks across Iraq, we simulated what it's like to man a typical military security checkpoint, and the dangers these soldiers face every day. Best played in co-op mode, your team must make split-second decisions throughout the mission.

Mission 54, Iraqi Troops Training Exercise. We simulated a small, wide-open training ground map to demonstrate the difficulty of locating the enemy in desolate, desert regions. There are hidden bunkers, sniper nests and underground hiding spots throughout, which make playing this red-on-blue-only map a fast-paced battle.

Mission 53, Operation Spear. Here, you'll lead your team in a massive infiltration of a terrorist stronghold and an unprecedented, city-wide assault. This mission is an excellent test of urban assault tactics, and best played in co-op or mission modes.

Mission 52, Escape from Asadabad. Available in all multiplayer modes, this mission features you as a Navy SEAL, and takes you through a mountainous region during a heavy rainstorm. This is our first mission where the weather factors in your ability to navigate the map.

Mission 51, Stronghold Siege Simulation. Open ended castle keep gameplay specifically designed for RoB multiplayer only. Introduces new Combat Life Support feature, available on loadout and as a pickup, which can be used to revive a downed team mate. For realistic and effective use we suggest limiting lives to one. While administering CLS, you are vulnerable to attack for about a minute. When receiving CLS with multiple lives enabled, do not press fire or you will respawn elsewhere. Try CLS in coop gameplay in another mission.

Mission 50, Operation New Market. Supports all multiplayer modes for house to house warfare at night.

Mission 49, Desert Rat Tank Battle. All multiplayer modes + tanks = satisfying gameplay.

Mission 48, Convoy Escort Ramadi. With this mission come multiple new features: (1) AI for ally vehicles animates the convoy you are protecting (2) more sophisticated civilian AI (3) vehicle-based improvised explosive devices aka VBIED's (4) repair vehicles.

Mission 47, Operation Matador. This mission takes place on both sides of the Euphrates and supports all multiplayer modes. For RedonBlue, there is a tank on the southern bank, but more cover on the northern bank offering advantages to the ploy of luring your enemy into your territory.

Mission 46, Abu Ghraib MP. This specialized map allows you to wage an assault from inside the infamous prison walls, where the opposing four-tiered jailhouses provide the ultimate setting for fast-paced Free-for-All or a Team-Based gun battle. Recommended for RedonBlue only.

Mission 45, Afghan Air Strikes. This mission adds a new .exe showcasing our newest feature that lets you call in the coordinates for air strike support. On your command, US tank buster jets scramble to respond and eliminate enemy threats while you witness the devastating results from a safe distance. Supports

Mission 44, Kentucky National Guard. Supports RedonBlue, Mission and Coop Modes.

Mission 43, Abu Ghraib Prison. Mission and Co-op Modes are available, but no RedonBlue play.

Mission 42, Afghan Highlands. Afghan Highlands is a map designed specifically for 2 Team RedonBlue multiplayer mode. The map features a small village no-man's land bracketed by two defensible team spawn areas. No single player, Coop or Mission Mode play is possible.

Mission 41, Stories from the Front Episode 1 - Baghdad Convoy. This is a single player, Coop and Mission Mode level. It does not have RoB capability. It takes place on a huge map and note that it exists as separate maps: mission41 and mission41a. In multiplayer you will load and play these maps separately even though they are related.

Mission 40, Multiplayer Variations - Fallujah, Operation al-Fajr, Part 2. This is a single but extensive variation of the Mission 32 map. It features rooftop access for sniping and a mounted 50 cal for each team in a 4-Team RoB match.

We also introdcued a new exe with several additions including a remotely detonated IED, Russian SVD sniper rifle, combat shotgun, a 1st person view vehcile mode which works with non-weaponized vehicles. Note that this feature is not backward-compatible to some 1st-person views in older missions will be a little odd. Keep the deafult at 3rd-person view if you don't want to experiement with this new feature.

Mission 39, Sadr City. This mission takes place in another block of the notorious Sadr City. It is a two RedonBlue specific map. It has no mission thus no single player, Coop or Mission Mode play is possible. The map is reminiscent of the mission16, the classic Kuma RoB map.

Mission 38, Sierra Leone. This mission takes place in Sierra Leone, Africa and features SAS commandos. Coop is intense due to the waves of West Side Boys that inhabit the towns. 2-Team RoB is classic fighting in the rivers, swamps and foliage of the jungle.

Mission 37, Iraqi Police. This mission can be played in all modes. It features many drivable vehicles and in fact the mission is based on driving vehicles from place to place. In RoB, you have access to the vehicles including the recently released HMMV with 50 cal and the new HMMV with TOW.

Mission 36, Multiplayer Variations - Fallujah, Operation al-Fajr, Part 1 . We have opened up the map and new areas specifically with a focus on dismounted infantry tactics. You will find Coop tougher as you make your way down the very exposed 'sniper alley'. 2 Team RoB will be very different. In some alts the spawns are the same as those in mission29m, that is, in the train station but we have opened up the rooftops. Others will take the fight into the train yard (among the cars themselves which will dramatically change tactics).

Mission 35, Fallujah, Operation al-Fajr, Part 3. This is a continuation of the al-Fajr series but this time featuring a HMMV armed with a machine gun controlled by the driver. This is a Coop and Mission Mode mission and can also be played in single player. We also releasd a new exe primarily to incorporate the mounted machine gun code. Stay tuned for a (drivable) mounted TOW launcher next.

Mission 34, Iraqi Patrol. This is a custom map specifically designed for 2-Team RedonBlue. It also has a single player mode (i.e., a mission) so it can be played in Coop and Mission Mode. It can also be played with 4 teams in RoB.

Mission 33, Multiplayer Variations - Fallujah Vigilant Resolve. We have created a set of small variations of the main mission with the idea of running them on a single server as a set and disguising which particular veriation is running. The changes entail more ambushes, more IEDs, and some terrain changes, i.e., some of the alts are much more opened up and thus are ideal candidates for RoB and Team RoB -- and Team spawn points have been moved in some of the open alts to maximize use of the level. We also released a new exe which fixed several MP flaws that were being exploited to cheat or bring down other people's servers.

Mission 32, Fallujah, Operation al-Fajr, Part 2. This is continuation of the major battle for the city. This area is due South of the train station in Mission 29. This should be good in all three modes particularly Mission Mode. I repeat: Remember that if you are Team 1, you are a bad guy. Hit the CTRL button to see what team you're on.

Mission 31, Osama 2001. - This is another large map typical of the Afghani missions. It is best suited for COOP; and Mission Mode with enemies on. Remember that if you are Team 1, you are a bad guy. Hit the CTRL button to see what team you're on.

Mission 30, Multiplayer Variations - Ramadi Convoy Exercise, is a unique multiplayer experience. We have created a set of small variations on a main mission with the idea of running them on a single server as a set and disguising which particular veriation is running. This eliminates the usual familiarity players develop for a map which changes their behavior. With things less predictable, players have to play the mission straight up without taking anything for granted. Let us know what you think.

Mission 29, Fallujah, Operation al-Fajr, is a great single player and multiplayer map. We find it especially interesting in RoB Free-for-All mode.

Mission 28, Ramadi Convoy Exercise, is primarily a multiplayer Coop map designed for the US Army. It also has value as a Mission Mode map where real players assume the role of the bad guys. In RoB, in Team Mode, players have access to a variety of vehicles.

Mission 27, Timed Tactical Exercise, is primarily a single player timed map but it can be played in the various mulitplayer modes.

Mission 26, Osama 1998, is a great multiplayer map. It is spread out with lots of running room and lots of cover. This is a good FFA map.

Mission 25, Najaf, al Mahdi Cemetery Battle, should play very well in all multiplayer modes particularly RedonBlue. The destroyable structures change the tactical landscape as the game progresses.

Mission 24, John Kerry's Silver Star, is to be played primarily in Coop and Mission Mode. To better replicate what happened that day, take 3 boats with a few people in each. PCF 94 should not go ashore on the first hostile encounter while the other boats should. PCF 94 should head upriver alone to the second landing site which is where John Kerry went ashore.

Mission 23, Timed Weapons Exercise, is a single player only map and is not to be played in multiuplayer.

Mission 22, Dai Chopan is a good all around map for all mulitplayer modes. Trying manning the TOWs.

Mission 21, Korea, The Enemy Within is a great multiplayer map. It can be played in all modes. Try 4-team RedonBlue. The teams bases are in the 4 corners of the map and most have easy access to a vehicle. It is a good map for those who like bigger areas of operation for team play.

Mission 20, Rangers Lead the Way, can be played in all modes. While diverse with lots of elevation, the map is of medium size. The map should make for some intense firefights because visibility is reduced by lighting conditions, and the dense terrain and foliage.

Mission 19, World SWAT Challenge should be played in single player or RedonBlue only. It is not to be played in Coop or Mission Mode. You must keep your View Distance set to HIGH in the Options settings or you will not be able to complete the course - HIGH is the default setting.

Mission 18, al Qaeda the Battle for Mosul can be played in all mulitplayer modes. It is a good all around level for Coop, Mission Mode and RedonBlue free-for-all and team matches.

Mission 17, Baghdad Mahdi Army Assault can be played in all multiplayer modes. It is best suited for Coop and RedonBlue matches. It can be played in Mission Mode but is not recommended as, for various technical reasons, it requires significant horsepower to do so.

Mission 16, Battle for Sadr City can be played in all mulitplayer modes. It is a good all around level for Coop, Mission Mode and RedonBlue free-for-all and team matches. The trick to the level is to not kill the many bystanders that populate the level.

There is a new executable, 1.19, that allows for the new shotgun. It also gives the M203 its correct shell.

Mission 15, The Al Qaeda Connection can be played in all modes. It is best suited for Coop and Mission Mode (2 team COOP). In Mission Mode, you sometimes have a bit of a hike as a Defender to get to the action due to the size of the mission. Just use your map to get to the current objective; that is where the Attackers will be heading. 2 Team RedonBlue is good too. It plays out in a large field; similar to Mission 10 but in a slightly bigger area.

There is a new executable, version 1.17. This version enables the 3-round burst on the M16A2. We also added a 9mm Beretta and tuned the Colt45 to be compatible with it. The Colt45 is more powerful while the 9mm is more accurate and both now do not shoot well at long distances as the Colt45 did previously.

Mission 14 - Fallujah Vigilant Resolve can be played in all modes. This is widely considered one of the best maps for RedonBlue and particularly 2-Team RedonBlue. Play this level in Mission Mode! That is Misn on the server list. This is the mission-based human on human mode. With teams of equal size it will be difficult for the Attackers (Team 2) to gain even the first objective. This is the classic battleground for human vs. human team games. Kuma will have servers running hosting this type of game. You can play RedonBlue in this level but it is a fairly long, linear level so it is not ideally suited for FFA play.

Multiplayer Pack:
The Multiplayer Pack comprises Kuma\War Tactical Exercises 1 through 3. See the Intel for Sergeant Snyder's detailed commentary and analysis.

Mission 13 - Coastline Tactical Exercise #3 is exclusively a RedonBlue map. Play in free-for-all or team mode. It features water and dense foliage.

Mission 12 - Desert Town Tactical Exercise #2 is primarily a RedonBlue map for both free-for-all and team play. It can be played in Coop for a short, fast game. It can also be played in single player as a short training mission.

Mission 11 - Patrol Ambush Tactical Exercise #1 can be played in all modes. Though part of the Multiplayer Pack, it has important lessons in single player. It is designed for Coop play. You are on a routine patrol that goes badly. First, you are ambushed, then you are given bad intel on your extraction point. You should also play it in 2-Team RedonBlue. One team spawns in the building and must defend while the other team spawns around the building and should constantly press the surrounded defenders.

Mission 10 - Samarra Stryker Assault can be played in all multiplayer modes. Mission Mode will be better for larger groups as it is a long map so it will be tough on the defenders. Try playing with enemies enabled.

RedonBlue Mode should be interesting. Both Team and FFA takes place entirely in the field at the end of the mission. It should make for some pretty intense fighting. The field is where all of the spawn points are so don't stray back into town as it will be very lonely.

Mission 9 - Fallujah Abizaid attack can be played in all multiplayer modes. Note that there are two drivable vehicles one at each end of the map that should make things interesting. Coop and RedonBlue should be straightforward and fun.

This is a good map for Mission Mode. The bad guys job (team 1) is to harrass the good guys (team 2) slowing their progress to achieveing each objective. See below for a detailed description of Mission Mode.

Mission 9 also came with a new executable, version 1.15. This fixed a few minor bugs, mostly to vehicle physics. Next week, btw, you will be driving a Stryker with a cannon.

There is a new main game executable (program) released, version 1.14. This adds night vision which can be equipped in any mission but you should probably use for Missions 7 and 8 as they are night missions. It also fixes the 'zoom' bug where the Page Up and Page Down keys messed with the 3rd person camera view. Make sure you close out and restart the Kuma service to get the updated program.

Mission 8- Iran Hostage Rescue Part 2: The mission has RedonBlue for both FFA (free-for-all) and Teams (4) and Coop mode. It is not suited for Mission Mode.

There is a new main game executable (program) released, version 1.12. It was created mostly to accommodate the hostages in Mission 7.

Mission 7- Iran Hostage Rescue Part 1: Like last week, this map requires horsepower, lots of bad guys. When you fire your first shot the enemies become aware of you quickly and things heat up. The mission has RedonBlue for both FFA (free-for-all) and Teams (4). You will see the hostage rescue text when you pass by the areas where the hostages are in the mission modes of the game, that is normal.

In Coop, limit the number of max players to something reasonable, like 4 or so. The mission itself uses three players so that is a good odd number. You will need to protect the hostages to succeed so follow them back to safety or leave that as a job for one of your teammates. Try playing with friendly fire on. Some hostages will respawn as they are treated just like players but some will end the mission in failure if they are killed. We have seen some synch issues in Coop where if you are a client with bad lag it makes the hostages leave the safety zone and wonder around. Let us know if you have any issues.

Mission Mode should be interesting with this particular mission as the bad guys will have the edge over the rescuers. Their goal is to prevent the hostages from being rescued. The rescuers will have to be aggressive in getting to the hostages. Note that even with enemies disabled, you will see a few enemies, this is normal.

Mission 6 - Fallujah Police Station Raid has multiplayer capability. If you play Co-op, unless you have very fast connections and pcs, limit the number of max players to 4 or less. The mission itself has only two players so that is ideal. You get the experience of being under siege and you avoid speed problems that may be caused by the large number of enemies rushing the building. And becuase their will likley be lots of dying in the police station lobby, try setting the Item Deletion Time to something reasonable like 20 seconds to keep things tidy.

The mission has RedonBlue for both FFA (free-for-all) and Teams (4). Mission Mode won't play out too well with this particular mission as the defenders will always spawn in the police station lobby.

Multiplayer Mission Map Codes:

Mission1: Uday and Qusay's Last Stand Part 1
Mission1b: Uday and Qusay's Last Stand Part 2
Mission2: Anaconda (yes, even though this is Mission 3 in the mission list)
Mission4: Samarra Bank Heist Part 1
Mission4a: Samarra Bank Heist Part 2
Mission6: Fallujah Police Station Raid
Mission7: Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 1
Mission8: Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Part 2
Mission9: Fallujah Abizaid Attack
Mission10: Samarra Stryker Brigade
Mission11: Patrol Ambush
Mission12m: Desert Town
Mission13m: Coastline
Mission14: Vigilant Resolve
Mission15: The Al Qaeda Connection
Mission16: Battle for Sadr City
Mission17: Baghdad Mahdi Army Assault
Mission18: al Qaeda Battle for Mosul
Mission19: World SWAT Challenge
Mission20: Rangers Lead the Way
Mission21: Korea
Mission22: Dai Chopan
Mission24: John Kerry's Silver Star
Mission25: Najaf al Mahdi Army Cemetery Battle
Mission26: Osama 1998
Mission27: Timed Tactical Exercise
Mission28: Ramadi Convoy Exercise
Mission29m: Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)
Mission28_alt1, etc.: VARIATIONS of Ramadi Convoy Exercise
Mission31: Osama 2001
Mission32: Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr Part 2
Mission14alt_1, etc.: VARIATIONS of Vigilant Resolve
Mission34: Iraqi Patrol
Mission35: Fallujah: Operation al-Fajr Part 3
Mission29alt_1, etc.: VARIATIONS of Operation al-Fajr Part 1
Mission37: Iraqi Police
Mission38: Operation Barras, Sierra Leone


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