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Mission 68 - Overview
MP Tank Battle

Around 4,000 BC, the face of warfare changed forever by the introduction of a unique battlefield vehicle: elephants. The sheer size and power of the beasts were a deterrent to enemy forces, besides the fact that elephants were difficult to kill. Roman and African cultures rode to victory upon a thunderous wave of elephants, dwarfing the enemy’s capabilities using size and surprise, power and stamina. And over time, the battlefield tactic has only intensified.

Taking a page from history, some of the most extreme modern ground wars have been fought using the almighty battle tank. Tanks have a huge psychological effect on the enemy: 60-tons of pure muscle that universally force a change in military defensive lines, and forever altered the infantry defense doctrine. The incredible solidity and prowess a moving tank presents to the enemy is unparalleled. Some of these powerhouses can scream down the road at nearly 70 miles an hour and are practically impervious to most modern weaponry.

In this playable mission, we’ve leveled the playing field by presenting a tank-on-tank, red-on-blue battle. How well you command your tank will very well determine the outcome of the fight. Keep a safe distance between you and your enemy, and watch the rear of your vehicle to prevent a debilitating sneak attack. The terrain is uneven and the landscape is wide-open, so you’ll need to keep visual contact of the other team at all times.

Climb aboard and see what it takes to command the most authoritative ground weapon in history: the almighty battle tank.

Release date: February 27, 2006

MP Tank Battle

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