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Mission 73 - Overview
Mexican Border Battle

Mexicali, Mexico—April 25, 2006: America’s porous borders with Mexico dominated the headlines since President Bush’s announcement—a comprehensive plan to combat illegal immigration. On the US side, border towns suffer the consequences and dangers of illegal immigrants crossing by foot and vehicle into the states, but what of the villages on the Mexican side?

Mexico’s northern towns are plagued with crime, drug smuggling and street violence. In the past year, hundreds of Mexicans—including residents and police officers—have been killed in Mexico’s bloody battles waged between drug cartels for control of the cocaine, marijuana and heroin ports of entry into the lucrative US black market.

Through routes from Mexico into Laredo, Texas alone, authorities estimate $14 billion worth of illicit drugs arrives in America annually. The cost Mexico paid for last year’s transactions? More than 200 lives, including the police chief, a city council member and 13 police officers.

Masked assailants across the border routinely launch grenades and fire assault weapons at Mexican authorities in vicious acts of defiance of and retribution for governmental crackdowns. Last month, Baja, California’s Secretary of Public Safety, Manuel Diaz Lerma nearly lost his life in Mexicali, Mexico. As his car, followed closely by bodyguards, traveled en route to a civic center, a calculated ambush took place. Several of his security agents were wounded, but miraculously, Lerma escaped injury.

Could you thwart a sudden, vicious attack in the narrow streets of Mexico? How quickly would you be able to identify the enemy and launch an effective counter-attack? The danger lies not only in the power of the drug dealers tasked with assassinating you, but in the layout of the city streets themselves. Surrounding the battle are civilians, innocent lives that play upon your conscience. To keep safe the public you’ve sworn to protect, your response to the enemy must be lightning fast, and your aim needs to be deadly accurate.

Should you fail to contain the enemy, your mission will fail. You will die. And all of Mexico will suffer for it.

Release date: May 23, 2006

Mexican Border Battle

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