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Mission 44 - Overview
Kentucky National Guard

Salman Pak, Iraq - March 20, 2005: Women in the Kentucky National Guard find themselves on the new front line in the War on Terror.

In the insurgent-based war in Iraq, the front line of combat is obscure. Regardless of legislation that prohibits women in combat positions, women are fighting against the same elusive, violent enemy that plagues every infantryman. More and more, non-combative, mixed-gender troops like the National Guard find themselves in the trenches of Iraq, where units of supply specialists and medics beat back the insurgents using skill, troop solidarity and extraordinary instincts.

When a 30-truck convoy is ambushed and the COSCOM escort is caught in the kill zone, a Kentucky National Guard Unit shadowing the convoy storms the scene. Though they're outmanned and relatively inexperienced, it's up to the men and women of Raven 42 to prevent more coalition deaths and to thwart the insurgents' kidnapping plans. Faced with snipers from afar and RPG operators close at hand, the unit is in for the fight of their lives.

The enemy is positioned all around: hidden by the side of the Alternate Supply Route, embedded along a trench line, and concealed by a nearby house. Bullets fly at the unit at a furious rate and RPGs are skillfully aimed to take out the HMMVWs. Raven 42 must single-handedly secure 30 tractor-trailers full of vital supplies and protect the innocent truck drivers and trapped COSCOM soldiers. Things go from bad to worse quickly when three of the unit's men are injured, leaving five men and two women to take on 50 hardened insurgents. They're the National Guard, ill-trained for hardcore combat. And they're women.

Turns out, they're woefully underestimated.

Release date: April 30, 2005

Kentucky National Guard

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