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For its online war games, Kuma\War staffs its research and writing departments with seasoned veterans in the field of journalism, each selected from premier world-wide publications. For each online war game, our team works with the highest level of integrity, presenting you with the most reliable news sources, statistics, imagery and factoids available.

Armed with the best technological tools and personal resources to find news fast, our prominent writers cover every angle of printed sources: newspapers, magazines, periodicals and editorials—from weapons manuals to military handbooks to governmental press releases, our meticulous research only begins with the written word.

Scores of news clips are considered for different report angles, and for visual intelligence about each mission, in order for us to replicate the scenes our soldiers are witnessing. Our researchers gather still photographs relating to the events, examining the unique details that distinguish each mission. The exact gun model, the color of the head scarves, details in the carpeting, or the amount of garbage in the alleyways: it’s our painstaking attention to detail that makes Kuma\War missions authentic.

With the assistance of our friends at the Department of Defense, Kuma\War offers its customers unprecedented access to inside information from some of the brightest minds in the military. Our newsroom interviews and exclusive articles give you a deeper understanding—from the historical background to the future implications of the operations we recreate.

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