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Configuring Options

All control, sound, and video options can be altered via the "Options" menu

Default Controls are:
  • Forward = W
  • Backward = S
  • Strafe left = A
  • Strafe right = D
  • Primary fire = LMB
  • Secondary fire = RMB
  • Next weapon = mousewheel up
  • Previous weapon = mousewheel down
  • Interact w/ environment = Enter
  • Stand = Ctrl
  • Crouch = /
  • Prone = Alt
  • Toggle Squad Mates = Tab
  • Squad Mate 1 = F1
  • Squad Mate 2 = F2
  • Squad Mate 3 = F3
  • Command: Hold Your Position = H
  • Command: Follow Me = F
  • Command: Fire on my target = A
  • Command: Hold your fire = J
  • Fire at Will = G
  • How to Play

    • Aligning the colored tips of the two arrows of the compass in the upper left hand corner will always guide you to your current objective
    • Use the Map (default = "M") to see your current objectives, which will appear green on the map. Individuals in the squad are in red.
    • Use the F1 - F4 keys (or the Tab key) to cycle through your squad. Practice positioning squad mates in strategic locations, then issuing the "hold position" command to execute complex strategies.
    • You need to be relatively close to your squad mates in order for them to "hear" your commands
    • You can continue the mission until all of your squad members are wounded and immobile.
    • To complete a mission all of your players must reach the 'end' of the playing area and be there together for the mission to end.


    Try Cooperative mode. The mission objectives are the same as single player but your squad mates are played by real people. You can also play Deathmatch versions of the game.

    To play, one player Hosts a game from the Multiplayer menu. Other players select Join. In this development version it is necessary for others Joining to copy the host’s LAN IP into the appropriate place.

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