Free War Games from Kuma\War, 50+ Military Battle Games based on Reality    



Kuma\War is intense episodic play based on the very same stories rocking the world today. Wherever the war takes our forces, we'll put you there.

  • FREE ONLINE GAMES - 7-day unlimited access to a library of missions.
  • Go face-to-face in over 30 detailed online war games set in lush jungles, harsh deserts, and deadly urban streets.
  • THREE NEW online simulation games - ripped straight out of the headlines and delivered to your computer every month.
  • Every online war game includes customized videos, satellite photos, expert military analysis, film footage and news reports detailing the genuine operation.
  • Challenge yourself in intense single-player mode or join the action and compete live in online multiplayer games against friends in cooperative and team scenarios.
  • All online shooting games feature the exact environments troops are seeing right now: The same vehicles, weapons and strategy from current, actual military battles.
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