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Mission 52 - Overview
Escape from Asadabad

Asadabad, Afghanistan—June 28, 2005: After a Chinook carrying reinforcements is downed by al Qaeda, four Navy SEALs are left to battle a dozen terrorists. And only one SEAL will make it out alive.

A team of four elite Navy SEALs is conducting clandestine operations against the Taliban and al Qaeda along the Afghan border with Pakistan, covert measures that are an integral part of Operation Red Wing.

From the mountainous, forested region of Kunar province, the team is suddenly surrounded by a dozen terrorists. A fierce firefight ensues, but the elite SEALs are outnumbered and quickly losing ground against the enemy. They radio for help. As the sound of the chopper carrying SEAL reinforcement troops is heard overhead, so too is the sickening launch of an RPG, aimed for the sky.

With a rocket in its side, the Chinook crashes and tumbles down a mountain, and the enemy descend upon the SEALs.

In the playable mission, you are the lone survivor, forced, against overwhelming odds, to wage war against the terrorists who downed the Chinook and murdered your teammates. You’ve been trained to survive in the wilderness, but it takes tremendous tenacity to evade the enemies. A long, unforgiving course will lead you to the safety of a friendly village, where you can be rescued by US forces.

That is, if you can make it that far.

Release date: July 30, 2005

Escape from Asadabad

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