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Mission 49 - Overview
Desert Rat Tank Battle

Basra, Iraq—March 27, 2003: In the opening phases of the war, British forces face off in the largest tank battle since World War II.

In the early morning light, a convoy of 14 Iraqi enemy tanks head out of Basra to secure the al-Faw peninsula from incoming US-led forces. The bulky, Soviet-era T-55 tank convoy appears formidable, but unknown to them, they are headed straight for British troops forging toward Basra in some of the world’s most elite fighting machines. When the two army of tanks clash, each seize the opportunity to make their mark on the Iraqi battlefield.

As a member of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, you and your fellow Desert Rats wage a swift campaign against the incoming tanks. If the enemy succeeds in overrunning your tanks, it could set a damning precedent for the entire war.

In this fast and furious battle, sizing up the enemy has to happen in a heartbeat. Encircle the convoy and take out the enemy tanks. Protect your men inside at all costs using all the power you can muster from the turret of the mighty tank.

Of course, the enemy will be doing the very same.

In our latest installment, Kuma\War recreates the first bloody days of the War in Iraq, a pivotal head-to-head tank battle that paved the way for Coalition forces to break the insurgents’ grip on Basra. Join Scotland’s sons in the mission that gave the enemy—and the world over—spectacular insight into the victories still to come.

Release date: May 31, 2005


Desert Rat Tank Battle

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