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Mission 74 - Overview
The British Empire Strikes Back: Canadian Counterstrike

Helmand Province, Afghanistan— March 29, 2006 The battle begins long before the Canadian troops arrive. Earlier, with a barrage of assault rifles and roadside bombs, Taliban fighters had launched an attack against a vulnerable Afghan Army convoy. It is a short-lived victory. Soon, the Canadians will step in and force the tide to take a vicious turn against the Taliban.

As a soldier with the First Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, you’re flown into Afghanistan’s violent Helmand Province in response to a convoy attack against Afghan Army soldiers. Simply put: You’re there to finish what the Taliban started, should they foolishly choose to return.

In Kuma\War’s recreation of the events of March 29, it isn’t long after your arrival at the Coalition base that your troops come under attack. The Taliban has infiltrated the region and it’s up to you to organize a swift counter-measure against the incoming enemy. Should you fail, the base will be overrun and your men will die where they stand.

We’ve simulated the same conditions the Canadians faced during the assault by the Taliban. You’ll have the advantage in knowing the territory you’re entering is utterly hostile and you’re tipped off that the enemy, coming off a victory against the Afghan Army, could return thirsting for more.

Plan the countermeasure carefully, but quickly. There are plenty of Taliban fighters able to cover all angles of the base, so command your snipers, watch your backs, and hammer the enemy.

Release date: May 31, 2006

The British Empire Strikes Back: Canadian Counterstrike

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