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Mission 66 - Overview
Blood and Oil, part II

Baiji, Iraq-January 4, 2006: With insurgent attacks against the oil industry crippling Iraq and hurting the global economy, the US-led coalition knows everything is at stake in the protection of the pipelines.

Defending thousands of miles of Iraqi pipeline is possibly the key to the future of Iraq. The oil fields are sabotaged in broad daylight and under the cloak of darkness: fierce insurgent bombings that light up the Iraqi sky, on average, every third day. While the vast network of pipelines lay exposed and essentially unprotected, a wary nation and impatient international community struggle to stop the sabotage.

Today, you have the opportunity to command a team of security forces tasked with securing an oil field leading to the Baiji refinery. But when the enemy launches a furious attack with AK-47 fire and deadly explosives, can you defend your men from the perimeter of the volatile pipelines? There is little protection from the insurgents once they launch their campaign against your troops. If you don't take immediate control, the oil field will quickly become swarmed with enemy fighters, your men will be overrun, and the mission to protect the nation's most precious resource will fail.

Without the production of oil, the people of Iraq will not survive. And the war against oppression and tyranny in Iraq will have been fought in vain. Your mission on the surface is to protect the oil pipelines, but in doing so, you will defend the welfare of the Iraqi citizens, the global economy, and the very triumph of a democratic Iraq.

Release date: January 31, 2006

Blood and Oil, part II

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