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Mission 65 - Overview
Blood and Oil

Baiji, Iraq-January 4, 2006: Violent attacks by the insurgency against pipelines, refineries and fuel convoys have brought the Iraqi oil industry to its knees. Oil refinement and fuel distribution is at a two-year low, insurgent threats are forcing workers off the job, and the people of Iraq-the second largest oil producing nation-are in a full-blown fuel crisis.

The Baiji processing plant is Iraq's largest oil refinery. After a 10-day shutdown due to insurgent threats, the Iraqi Army escorts a 60-tanker fuel convoy on the perilous, 150-mile fuel delivery run to Baghdad.

It is an ill-fated trek.

En route, the 60 loaded tankers are suddenly surrounded; blasted with machine gun fire and rocket-propelled grenades by hidden insurgents hell-bent on disrupting fuel deliveries from the Baiji refinery. 19 fuel tankers are disabled or destroyed altogether; Army vehicles lay in ruins; and four of the convoy's members are dead as a nation's hope for the arrival of its most precious resource goes up in a fury of flames.

In the playable mission, you command the heavy, hazardous convoy into Baghdad, and experience first-hand the difficulty of leading your men into an instant counterstrike against dozens of insurgents. If the rebels succeed in overtaking the convoy, your men will die. The refinery will close. The nation will suffer another devastating setback, and the insurgency holds, if only for a moment, the country of Iraq as its hostage.

Release date: January 18, 2006

Blood and Oil

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