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Mission 67 - Overview
Kuma\War Biathlon Obstacle Course

The Greek word biathlon means “two tests,” a gauge of excellence in the sports of skiing and shooting. The unlikely marriage of frenzied downhill speed and instant, static precision is steeped in world history. There is written evidence that hunting on skis took place 400 years before Christ, and by the 18th century, biathlon training became a steadfast military tradition for mountain patrol guards in Europe and Scandinavia.

The first organized biathlon events took place on the border of Norway and Sweden in the mid-1700s, but it wasn’t until 1960 that the biathlon was introduced to the Winter Olympics. In Torino this week, Germany’s Sven Fischer took Olympic gold in the men’s biathlon with a final time of 26:11.6.

In the Kuma Biathlon, it’s up to you to provide the same strength, speed, and endurance that drive biathletes to victory. Though our course better resembles a summer biathlon, where you run instead of ski, you’re task is the same: Quickly and accurately traverse across varied terrain in a test of marksmanship, maze navigation and target-seeking abilities.

As you run the challenging track, you’ll experience a realistic loss of stamina. It’s up to you to decide how to best conserve or expend your energy to get you through the course in the fastest time possible. When you’re satisfied with your final score, see how you stack up against the Kuma community by posting your completion times on our leader board.

Release date: February 16, 2006

Kuma\War Biathlon Obstacle Course

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