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Mission 71 - Overview
Base Assault

In this custom multiplayer map designed for two-team Red on Blue action, Kuma teams square off in one of our most comprehensive ROB designs to date. Your team is in control of a spawn area that includes drivable vehicles and high control towers. The object is to navigate the landscape to overtake and destroy the enemy’s base, diagonal to yours.

In Mission 71, your team has two options to attack: you can cross the long bridge that spans the waterway, or conduct a ground infiltration through the cluster of buildings to gain access to the enemy’s spawn.

The control towers make excellent sniping positions and the HMMWVs provide a speedy assault. Both teams are afforded the same assets, so the outcome of the match will weigh heavily on the tactics used to gain access into the bases. If the area is properly penetrated, the enemy will find itself overwhelmed at spawn.


Base Assault

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