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Mission 82 - Overview
Baghdad Surge MP

January 24, 2007:While the Senate and the president debate sending a military "surge" of force into Baghdad, 1,000 US and Iraqi forces launch a massive strike upon a fierce Baghdad neighborhood. Backed by Apache helicopters, F-15s, Iraqi gun trucks, and Strykers, Haifa Street becomes a bloody war zone overnight.

Countless insurgent snipers are embedded in the high-rise apartment complexes that comprise Haifa Street, and heavily armed insurgents launch punishing attacks on Iraqi and US military troops on patrol. Days of vicious assaults and counter-attacks has left more than 50 insurgents dead, yet fail to deter the enemy combatants.

Enter Episode 82: Baghdad Surge MP. You've battled the enemy AI in Episode 81, but in multiplayer, the real-world surge of enemies is more ruthless and unpredictable. Itís a frenzied, action-packed game that pits you against seasoned players up and down a region so perilous it's called "Purple Heart Boulevard." Good luck.


Baghdad Surge

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