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Mission 42 - Overview
Baghdad Convoy

Baghdad, Iraq - April 11, 2004: The discovery of an IED sets off a gripping chain of events along Iraq's most hellish highway.

Baghdad Convoy, Sergeant Major James Ross's story, was submitted to Maxim Magazine for our Stories from the Front contest. Voted as the winning entry by Kuma\War's editorial team, military advisors and subscribers throughout the world, this is the true account of an extraordinary unit's resolve to save their brothers-in-arms. Baghdad Convoy was submitted by Ross's friend, Brian McCleary.

Baghdad Convoy was chosen over hundreds of submissions for exemplifying the raw courage our men and women in uniform display in military conflicts around the world. You can - and should - read Ross's original, unedited account in the Tactical section of this mission, along with other true tales of heroism from our Stories from the Front finalists.

Release date: April 1, 2005

Baghdad Convoy

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