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Mission 55 - Overview
Baghdad Checkpoint Attack

Baghdad, Iraq—August 24, 2005: Insurgents launch stunning acts of violence against soldiers tasked with the most dangerous of operations: roadside checkpoints.

US soldiers and Iraqi police regularly face suicide bombings and ground assaults while conducting routine checkpoints across the nation. Using vehicle-borne IEDs, insurgents unleash their wrath with a deadly charge that ignites police and civilian vehicles all around, wounding and killing soldiers, police, and innocent civilians.

In western Baghdad, Iraqi Police manning a routine checkpoint are cornered after insurgents in ordinary vehicles approach the roadblock and launch a barrage of machine gun fire, rocket propelled grenades and hand grenades. Vehicles are on fire, the populace is hysterical, and there are dead and wounded everywhere.

In the playable mission, lives depend on your intuition and training as you control the checkpoint operations in Baghdad. Can you determine if an incoming vehicle is friend or foe? There are civilians, so move with caution. Insurgents attempt to make devastating suicide runs, but they also launch vicious ground assaults on your position. You must keep one eye on the road.

And one hand on the trigger.

Release date: August 29, 2005

Baghdad Checkpoint Attack

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