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Mission 75 - Overview
The Death of al-Zarqawi

Hibhib, Iraq June 7, 2006 The manhunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, one of the most brutal terrorists in history, ends after 4 years of elusion and acts of violence so inhumane they made even al Qaeda recoil.

Al-Zarqawi's gruesome flavor of jihad stood out in Iraq's insurgency as the most vicious acts of violence in the War on Terror. The terrorist's orders included bombing hotels full of civilian wedding-goers and the executions of civilian aid workers, elderly men and young schoolchildren. Most disturbing were al-Zarqawi's amateur videos broadcast across the Internet beheadings of innocent American men, the severed heads held up for the camera, the families, and the world to bear witness.

Al-Zarqawi's ferociousness became more than the Muslim community or even al Qaeda could stand. When detained by Jordanian officials, one of Zarqawi's operatives gives the government key information that unleashes the US military on his trail.

In the playable mission, you are a Delta Force operator embedded outside a remote safe house. Inside the structure is the most wanted man in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. You have two options: call in a devastating air strike, or penetrate the building and hope to eliminate him as he stands before you.

The first mission released on Kuma\War2, The Death of al-Zarqawi is fueled by the graphics-intense Source game engine, which allows your character to interact in the environment like never before. But beware: The enemy is more intelligent, which means your speed, shooting ability, and tactical response will need to be razor-sharp. Keep your eye on the target, make the tactical decisions, and finally, bring your forces to bear down on al-Zarqawi.


Death of al-Zarqawi

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