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Mission 75 - Production Notes
The Death of al-Zarqawi

The news of al-Zarqawi's assassination propelled us into action. This is arguably the biggest story in the War on Terror since the capture of Saddam Hussein and we knew the second we got the report that we would model the mission, whatever it turned out to entail. The other no-brainer? This was the perfect mission for us to model as the first episode of Kuma\\War.

One of the tough things about recreating an operation like the killing of al-Zarqawi is that these tend to be surgical strikes so well planned and executed that there's not a lot of action involved from a player's standpoint. So we changed things up a bit from the real-world scenario.

There's a lot of speculation out there as to why Delta Force didn't take al-Zarqawi alive-the fact that they didn't have enough troops and that al-Zarqawi had a 360-degree escape route are two plausible explanations. The Special Ops identified the target and immediately called in an air strike. In Kuma\War2, you'll have another option.

As a Delta Force operator in the playable mission, you'll get to call in the air strikes back-to-back, or you can use the 96 seconds that pass between the bombings to infiltrate the safe house to kill al-Zarqawi unassisted

Being the first Kuma\War2 mission, we got to add a lot of character movements and textures we hadn't used before thanks to the new game engine, Source. We think the graphics and game play are an unbelievable upgrade for our players, and that the added realism really does our storytelling justice in the final product.



Death of al-Zarqawi