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Mission 45 - Overview
Afghan Air Strikes

Paktia province, Afghanistan—April 11, 2005: Members of the new Afghan National Army battle al Qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan. But when hours of ground battle provides little progress, the ANA calls in the most devastating weaponry available: air strikes.

It begins with an unsophisticated ambush. Two enemy RPGs are fired at a vehicle traveling the highway from Khost to Gardez, wounding two coalition soldiers. The attackers immediately flee eastbound into the nearby Shawak Mountains. Though the initial threat is gone, members of the Afghanistan National Army will not stand for the brazen assault. Without hesitation, they pursue the attackers.

Though fearless in their plan to counterstrike, the Afghans are entrenched in battle for hours, fighting against a well-concealed enemy holed up all along the mountainside. In the playable mission, you’re a soldier in the Afghan Army tasked with rooting out the enemy embedded in the mountainside. Can you take them out from the ground? Can you make the executive decision needed to end the battle in time?

Showcasing our newest feature, Afghan Air Strikes lets you call in the coordinates for air strike support. On your command, US tank buster jets scramble to respond and eliminate enemy threats while you witness the devastating results from a safe distance. On April 11, 2005, a precise synchronization of forces expelled Taliban fighters from their fortified bunkers in Afghanistan.

Now it’s your turn.

Release date: May 13, 2005

Afghan Air Strikes

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