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Mission 80 - Overview
Afgan MP

January 10, 2007: Through the black of night, 12 dozen Taliban fighters infiltrate Afghanistan via the Pakistan border. Armed to the teeth, the terrorists move en masse to join the bitter war against US and Afghan forces. But through the darkness, the army is spotted.

By morning, the Afghan land is littered with 130 Taliban corpses. It's another day in the life of the NATO, US and Afghan forces embroiled in the 5-year war against Osama bin Laden's faithful. In the past year, Coalition forces have thwarted thousands of attacks, mass Taliban infiltrations and the development of terrorist operating centers.

How would you fare against an enemy with such undeniable staying power?

Get inside the War on Terror in first-person in Mission 80: Afghan MP, where you'll face-off against real-world opponents within a typical Afghan location. This custom red-on-blue multiplayer map thrusts you onto the front lines against a team of widespread and unpredictable killers.


Afgan MP

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