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Mission 43 - Overview
Abu Ghraib Prison

Abu Ghraib, Iraq - April 2, 2005: Insurgents launch a bold attack on Iraq's infamous prison complex, and the Marines tasked to guard it.

Marines are tasked with overseeing the security of Abu Ghraib prison, the sprawling 280-acre detention complex and home to some of Iraq's deadliest fighters. It's been a year since the infamous prison gained worldwide attention for a military abuse scandal involving US troops against its detainees, and today, Abu Ghraib will make headlines once more.

Just after dusk, Marines in one of the 24 guard towers overlooking the prison hear machine gun fire. As they quickly try to determine the location of the shots, RPGs rip through their position. One soldier is wounded; their communications system is destroyed and the Marines are forced to propel down ropes to flee the smoke-filled towers. Simultaneously, a second guard tower is pummeled with mortars and grenades and AK-47 fire power that wound several Marines who can't escape their tower. All is going according to plan for the 50-60 rebels poised to infiltrate the prison complex.

In the re-creation of the attack on Abu Ghraib, you are a Marine tasked with securing the prison. During the insurgent attack, you face explosions of RPGs against buildings, a rain of small arms fire and an onslaught of grenades all around you. Still, you must keep the attackers from reaching the prison gate. A vehicle-borne IED is speeding toward the prison wall, and if the attackers manage to breech the perimeter they could release the entire prison population on you, your fellow Marines and the entire country.

Release date: April 29, 2005

Abu Ghraib Prison

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