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Mission 10 - Weapons and Vehicles
Samarra Stryker Brigade

Friendly Forces

M67 Fragmentation grenade
This is designed to be thrown about 40 meters and explode into fragments with a kill radius of 5 meters, and a casualty-producing radius of 15 meters.

.50 caliber machine gun
At 550 rounds per minute, the .50 caliber can be placed on ground mounts and on most vehicles for use as an anti-personnel and anti-aircraft weapon.

5.56-millimeter M4 carbine with M203 grenade launcher
This weapon was designed as a shorter, lightweight alternative to the M16A2 rifle, to give soldiers the ability to engage the enemy with accurate, lethal fire at close quarters.

Stryker vehicles
Until the arrival of the Stryker, the Armyís array of vehicles was limited to two categories: quick but vulnerable or indestructible but slow. But the Stryker, the ugly marriage of a HMMWV and a tank, personifies speed and strength.


AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle
Durable and widely available, the AK-47 is a Russian 7.62mm assault rifle. The AK fires 100 rounds per minute even under extreme conditions such as low temperatures, from moving vehicles, and after being dunked in water, mud, or sand.

9mm pistol
Ba'ath Party weapons caches and street sales from the defunct Iraqi Army indicate a high usage of Beretta 9mm pistols by Iraqis. Specifically designed and manufactured for the US military, these semiautomatics are the standard Army sidearm, and the Marine Corps has more than 80,000 in inventory.

RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launcher
A shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, grenade launcher, the RPG-7 fires a variety of grenades from a 40-mm launch tube. Itís light enough to be fired by one person, but an assistant usually stands to the left of the gunner for protection.

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