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Mission 10 - Overview
Samarra Stryker Brigade

Samarra, Iraq. December 15, 2003: The Stryker Brigade and its snipers battle insurgents armed with human shields, only to become surrounded by a second, hidden ambush.

The Stryker Infantry knew things could get worse in the days after Saddam's capture. The reporters' cheers and the jubilant gunfire from the oppressed offered little hope to the brigades patrolling the streets in the volatile Sunni Triangle. Samarra was teeming with Saddam loyalists and anti-American rebels and the troops there were rightfully wary that the happy faces shown on American TV were not representative of their beat. Nothing was taken at face value, not the morning silence, not the innocent school children spilling into the streets, and certainly not the sudden release of a flock of pigeons over the incoming Strykers which could have been a sign.

Forces moving through Samarra in the Army's fast and furious fighting machine, the Stryker, are rendered helpless when armed insurgents do the unthinkable: snatch passing schoolchildren and use them as human shields. Snipers move in to handle the delicate defense. Then, the Stryker Brigade is ambushed again by the enemy lying in wait. This time, they are surrounded.

Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson joins Tad Low for this week's Kuma News report. General Wilkerson discusses the specifics of a patrol - the soldiers' mission and how it's best accomplished. He also talks about the efficiency of the Army's new weapons system, the Stryker. When you've been sufficiently briefed, you will take to the streets of Samarra for your own patrol. Command the team of snipers and Stryker infantry, using bold tactics to diffuse the enemy's ambitious plot.


Samarra Stryker Brigade