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Mission 10 - Force Background & Histories
Samarra Stryker Brigade

5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Out of Fort Lewis, Washington, soldiers from the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division begins arriving in Kuwait on November 12, 2003. With primary duties to reinforce the 1st Infantry Division in northern Iraq, the new Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) uses the Army’s first wheeled armored vehicle and is a part of Task Force Ironhorse. The Strykers maneuver easily in urban terrain and can transport infantry quickly to critical battlefield positions with unmatched speed, strength, and mobility.

The brigade of 3,600 boasts 10 times the number of snipers a regular brigade carries. The SBCT has its own scout and artillery units, complete with "classified assets," which allow the brigades to tap phone conversations and use satellite GPS to find the enemy with precision. Stryker troops are so clued-up that every team member has the same Intel as the Colonel at Brigade headquarters.
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Field soldiers can be excellent marksmen, but snipers have additional, intense psychological training and power. The superior mind-over-body ability makes the sniper patient and methodical among the chaos the enemy tries to create. Snipers are usually called in as an offensive tactic to ensure the area is secure but can easily switch into a defensive mode when necessary.

Snipers can kill from as far as a half-mile away with a single shot. But it takes more than precision marksmanship, a trait only good enough to qualify for sniper schooling, to be an Army sniper,. In the five intense weeks of training, the best and the brightest will learn to stalk their enemy, conceal themselves, spot the telling signs of an enemy shooter, and take down a target with a single shot. Snipers are in maximum form, both physically and psychologically. Less than half those enrolled in the training course will be certified and accepted as an Army Sniper.
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Pro-Saddam loyalists
Even Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld publicly expressed his surprise at the effectiveness of Saddam Hussein's loyalists. With ambushes and low intensity fighting, the rebels have managed to sustain the Iraq conflict long after the end of major combat. The insurgents continue their operations by instilling fear in the Iraqi people and by maintaining a cache of weapons and improvised bomb-making materials used to thwart US reconstruction efforts.
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