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Mission 10 - Description
Samarra Stryker Brigade

Samarra, Iraq. December 15, 2003: Saddam Hussein is captured, and two days later, insurgents loyal to the ousted dictator ambush a routine patrol in the Sunni city some 60 miles north of Baghdad.

Infantrymen from 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment patrolling the areas north of Baghdad find out Saddam has been captured on December 14th. That night all is quiet, but there is knowledge that the leader’s capture does not mean peace. Iraq is swarming with thousands of loyalists undeterred by their leader’s public cowardice and determined to leave their mark. The next morning, as Stryker brigade Company B enters the city of Samarra, they notice birds overhead. Not peaceful doves, but pigeons, perhaps the perfect symbol of those who let them loose: unwanted scavengers arriving in droves to defecate on the beauty and progress that Samarra could come to symbolize.

Your mission begins here. The flock has been freed, possibly a symbol of your presence in Samarra, as you move into the city. You have the strength of the Stryker, but it is rendered useless against the first wave of assault. Two men on a motorcycle fire automatic weapons at your troops, using waves of children leaving a school as a shield against return fire. To protect the children, you will have to employ the precision of your snipers to combat the enemy.

When you successfully fend off this first wave of insurgency, your patrol continues. Your Stryker will prove useful in navigating the streets of Samarra and neutralizing enemy forces along the way. But there will come a time when you must abandon the vehicle and continue on foot. As you move through the volatile city, insurgents will ambush again, RPGs, a roadside bomb, and mortar fire exploding simultaneously around you. You’ll need the backup support of Company A and the expertise of "Attack" Snipers to suppress the attack. Hold off the insurgency, protect your troops, and avoid civilian casualties at all costs.


Samarra Stryker Brigade

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