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Mission 19 - Overview
World SWAT Challenge

May 17 - May 22, 2004
Blackwater Headquarters
Moyock, NC

Twelve of the best SWAT teams from North America will compete in speed shooting, high-risk forced entry, rappelling, and even a waterborne assault and rescue at the World SWAT Challenge, a showcase of the tactics that make SWAT known the world over. Staged at Blackwater's 6,000-acre facility, the match-up will be televised on ESPN2.

More than a test of skill and endurance, the competition will measure precision, teamwork, and coordination under intense conditions. The events require officers to work together like a well-oiled machine while rescuing hostages, clearing buildings, and taking out targets at both close range and far away. Over the two-day competition, the teams will be forced to maintain an intense pace, handle a variety of weapons and equipment, and stay focused on the mission.

The World SWAT Challenge is in a class by itself. But what kinds of "special weapons and tactics" are required for SWAT? And how has SWAT changed from its origins as an anti-sniper force in Los Angeles during early 1970s? Dr. Jack O’Connor, Vice President of On Target Communications and creator of the World SWAT Challenge, joins Jacki Schechner to discuss the types of operations these teams must perform to capture the most dangerous criminals and deter terrorists around the globe and the future of law enforcement in the post-9/11 world. Then Dante Anderson, Kuma's Head of Product Development, will explain how we modeled this unique event into a Kuma mission.

Speed and accuracy will be the keys to earning some serious bragging rights as you compete in the World SWAT Challenge.

Release date: August 24, 2004
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World SWAT Challenge

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