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Mission 19 - Global Headlines
World SWAT Challenge

NBC News reports Delta Force subject of investigation; Pentagon denies abuse
U.S. military and intelligence officials told NBC News the Army’s elite Delta Force became the subject of a Pentagon inspector general investigation into abuse against detainees. The location was a top-secret site near Baghdad’s airport - the battlefield interrogation facility known as the "BIF". A senior Pentagon official denied the allegations, saying the tactics described in this report are not used in those facilities.

U.S. Troops, Iraqi Police Raid Chalabi's Home and HQ
U.S. troops and Iraqi police raided the home and offices of Governing Council member Ahmad Chalabi, taking computers and private files from the man once considered Washington's top Iraq ally.

Stewart Witness Charged With Perjury
Federal authorities charged a government expert witness against Martha Stewart with perjury on Friday, accusing him of giving false testimony in the domestic entrepreneur's obstruction of justice trial. Prosecutors said they had discovered false statements made on the stand by Larry F. Stewart, a national ink expert who works at the Secret Service.

N.Y. Lawyer Fined for Barking at Witness
A lawyer who barked like a dog at a witness during a deposition has been fined $8,500 for misconduct and harassment of opponents. The lawyer, David Fink, started barking like a dog during a deposition in which the defendant referred to letters he had received from Fink, calling them threatening, "mad dog lawyer" letters.

Death toll hits 35 in Iranian quake
Army helicopters ferried rescue teams into mountain villages in northern and central Iran hit by a 6.2-magnitude earthquake. A senior Iranian Red Crescent official raised the toll from the quake to 35 dead with 250 people injured.

Raw Ingredients For Life Detected In Planetary
NASA has announced new findings from the Spitzer Space Telescope, including the discovery of icy organic materials sprinkled throughout several "planetary construction zones," which circle infant stars. These materials may have helped endow Earth with some of its water and many of the materials that created life.

Sikhs celebrate Manmohan Singh's appointment as new PM
Sikhs celebrated the appointment of Congress leader Manmohan Singh as India’s new prime minister, holding special thanksgiving services at shrines across the country. Sonia Gandhi was unanimously elected to lead the country, but later walked away from the post to protect her from damaging attacks over her Italian birth.

'Fresh cracks' at Paris airport
Fresh cracking sounds were reported at Paris' Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport on Monday, a day after a roof collapse in a new terminal killed four people. Workers were moved to safety after the noises were heard in the glass roof. Meanwhile, technical investigators prepared to start their probe into how a section of roofing crashed onto a departure lounge, sending the entire section of the building plunging onto service vehicles below.

Ship carrying 4000 cars hits oil tanker, sinks
A ship carrying 4190 South Korean and Japanese cars sank after colliding with an oil tanker south of Singapore. All the cars sank, but spokespeople said there was no spillage, and the crews were rescued with no injuries.

Circus Performer Falls To Her Death
A circus performer who fell 30 feet onto a concrete floor during a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show died from her injuries. Dessi Espana, 32, was twirling on long chiffon scarves when the silky cloth gave way during her performance. She died later that night. The police started an investigation into her death but announced they did not suspect foul play. It was the first fatal accident in a Ringling Bros. circus in at least a decade, a spokesman said.

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