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Mission 19 - Description
World SWAT Challenge

Only 9am and already youíre boiling inside your full tactical suit. But you canít get rattled. Because today you have to compete against 11 of the most elite SWAT teams in North America to win the World SWAT Challenge at Blackwater USA. As a lone SWAT officer, you have to complete five grueling missions where the clock is running, and speed and precision are key. Take out a half dozen targets in a blindingly quick pistol shoot, and then do it again while the targets spin wildly. Then itís on to the grenade toss, and a sniper and carbine shoot that will test your long gun skills to their utmost. Finish up the course with a race through a hostile building, where the targets fly out from nowhere and actually shoot back. If you can clear it, youíre doing better than most. If you can clear it in good time, you are SWAT-ready.