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Mission 19 - Chronology
World SWAT Challenge

Friday, May 21: 9 am - 5 pm

First Event: Glock Two-Gun Challenge
This is a six-man relay race and speed shooting competition. At the whistle, the competitor picks up his shield and races to the firing table. He loads a clip into the Glock 17 and pops three rounds into three targets. He then reloads and does three more - all from behind his shield. He clears the pistol, lays it down, moves to the next table, loads a police shotgun with two slugs, and hits two more targets, clears it out, and races back to hand his shield to his teammate, who does the same thing. Five seconds for each missed shot are added to your time at the end. Six members of each team run a relay race, head to head against the competitors of one other team.

Second Event: Felony High Risk Warrant Service
This is a forced entry, target shoot, and takedown competition. At the whistle, each team of six separates into three-man groups and uses battering rams to enter the upper and lower floors of a darkened house at the exact same moment. On each floor, there are three targets, and teams must put two rounds into every one. Then they work together to locate and cuff a dummy hidden somewhere in the building and make it back to the finish line.

Third Event: Bushmaster High Angle Hell Weapons Course
The event is a grueling combination of gunwork and hanging on for dear life. Teams of four men apiece take turns rappelling down a tower, breaching a window, and hitting six targets with a carbine. Then they hit six more with a pistol. Then the competitor hoists a rescue dummy to the finish line and climbs to a sniper position, where he must consult a target book and ID his two targets, a geometric shape, from a crowd of "innocents." When he hits his targets, he races back to the finish line.

Fourth Event: SWAT Stress Course
Each team has a sniper, a spotter, and several other gunners who must race from stage to stage, set up, and quickly engage multiple targets. The event starts with the team in a vehicle. The sniper and spotter exit the vehicle and race to a roof fascade where the sniper hits a target through glass. Then two officers fire from a semi-seated position from the vehicle. Next, teams race on to different barricades where the targets get harder and harder to hit.

Saturday, May 22: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Fifth Event: Leupold Sniper Surprise
Weighed down with full tactical gear, the team pushes a vehicle 100 yards then spreads out as the sniper and spotter move to a target range where they engage a 3" target. After the sniper hits it, the whole team moves through a wall, ladder, and crawlspace obstacle course. Next is another speed shooting range where they have to shoot six targets with carbines and six targets with pistols. After they empty their clips, the team carries a rescue dummy to the finish.

Sixth Event: Scott Masked Entry Problem
While wearing protective masks, the team rushes from the starting area to their positions where they stage a coordinated assault on a building: a sniper shoots a target, which signals two men to throw grenades into the window, while other teammates use a battering ram to break down the door. After entering, the team has to hit four targets inside, clear the building, locate a downed officer inside, and carry him outside to the finish line.

Seventh Event: Zodiac Water Hostage Rescue
The team has to paddle a Zodiac around an island to a dock, race out, follow a trail over a climbing obstacle and through a shooting course. They make a forced entry into a target house. There they pick up a rescue dummy, take him back to the RIB, and paddle him to the finish.

Eighth Event: Blackwater Range Run
A two-man race, run head to head against an opposing team. Each team has to rappel down a tower, complete a target shoot with a pistol, negotiate an overhead ladder course, complete a carbine target shoot, run an obstacle course, and speed shoot with a sniper rifle and shotgun.

8 pm
Awards Banquet, Double Tree Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA

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World SWAT Challenge

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