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Mission 20 -Description
Freedom's Heroes: Rangers Lead the Way

Spera, Afghanistan. April 22, 2004: When soldiers are forced to tow a disabled vehicle through hostile territory, insurgents surround the rear convoy and Army Rangers ahead must turn back to fight for their brothers-in-arms.

In a vast no-man’s-land near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, Army Rangers are headed to an enemy arms dumping area, led by an Afghan aid. Problems begin almost immediately. One of the vehicles breaks down, and the Ranger mechanic has no way to fix it. Another vehicle will have to tow it through rough terrain. From there, the convoy splits, and the evening takes a sinister turn.

The Rangers in the lead unit hear gunfire and find that a dozen insurgents have ambushed the towing unit behind them. The men turn around, knowing their comrades will not survive the attack without their assistance. They take to the hills and position themselves for a death match they won't all survive.

Could you free your comrades from the kill zone in which they’re trapped? Would you have the courage to rush the insurgents with the aggression and precision needed to break the ambush? As the leader of an elite Army Ranger unit, guide your men in the chaotic scene, focusing through the muted light of evening to take out the enemy.