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Mission 20 -Chronology
Freedom's Heroes: Rangers Lead the Way

March 2004:

President Hamid Karzai announces Afghanistan's first post-Taliban elections are postponed until September. Insurgent violence is so severe in southern Afghanistan that the election staff cannot continue their work. More than 100 people are dead after factional fighting in Heart, once considered the safest place in Afghanistan.

Operation Mountain Storm begins in the south, southeast, and eastern portions of Afghanistan. The US-led offensive is designed to destroy terrorist organizations, mainly the Taliban and al Qaeda forces and their infrastructure. Mountain Storm involves more than 13-thousand coalition troops in Afghanistan.

April 2004:

Taliban violence continues. Militants are blamed for the deaths of 20 people in southern Afghanistan, including two aid workers and a police chief.

En route to an enemy arms dumping area, A unit of the The 2nd Battalion of the 75th Army Ranger Regiment is ambushed by 12 Taliban insurgents. Local villagers may have tipped off insurgents to the Rangers' movement, and the Taliban later claim the Afghan fighter assigned to the unit as one of their own.

The rear element of the patrol comes under attack with small arms and mortar fire. The unit is unable to move out of the kill zone. Though his own unit is beyond the ambush, the unit commander orders his men back to support their trapped comrades. A fierce firefight against the Taliban ensues, claiming the life of two US Army Rangers and wounding two more.


Freedom's Heroes: Rangers Lead the Way