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Mission 30 - Overview
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Ramadi-Fallujah Highway, Iraq: This mission is a variation of mission 28 - the Ramadi IED map developed in conjunction with the US Army. It sets up a collection of scenarios using the same geographical layout. Each run-through presents a unique experience for the player. The design goal is to make it tough to "memorize" the map - something soldiers cannot do when on real assignment in Iraq. A convoy may travel the same route over and over again, but insurgents targeting US troops are less predictable. Where and how they might attack changes all the time. This is the feeling we've recreated for you with the Ramadi variations.

We would go so far to say that this mission creates a more involved multiplayer experience. With all the alternate variations in rotation, you will have to "play for real," meaning you have to pay attention. What happened last time through may not be what happens the next time. And by the time you get used to a set of variations, we will probably have already added more.

You can also play the game in single player mode. Hitting the Play Mission button will select one of the scenarios at random.

The original Ramadi IED mission was designed in association with CASCOM (the US Army's Combined Arms Support Command) to show various types of convoy attack scenarios. We chose a typical Iraqi setting, the outskirts of Ramadi, and proceeded to develop the map with several variations in mind.

The most important piece of the map is the IED - improvised explosive device. It is a proximity-based mine. It has variants that are anti-personnel and anti-vehicle, and we can also use it to target specific vehicles. In addition, we are currently working on a portable/placeable version of the IED for use in future multiplayer maps. The tip to keep in mind will be try not to blow yourself up when assembling, transporting, or placing an IED.

The Ramadi IED mission is primarily designed for multiplayer coop simply because the nature of a convoy is having multiple people in multiple vehicles. You can play the map in single player, but you will get a noticeably different experience. You will have one vehicle instead of several, and although your AI squadmates will be well-armed, you are going to have to take extra care to protect your vehicle. You lose that, and you have to go back to the base for a new vehicle or walk.

Finally, having so many vehicles present in multiplayer adds an element of randomness to RedonBlue. You can traverse a great amount of roadway with great speed. We are currently working on armed HMMWVs and other armed vehicles that we plan to add to future variations of the map.

In creating the various Ramadi IED scenarios, we followed the satellite map and generally modeled a "from-bad-to-worse" progression. You start on open highway and end up on a dirt track alongside a ditch.

Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for the dedicated server that is running only mission 28 and its variations. To make the experience more "realistic," we may limit the number of lives per player per game. (Three strikes and you're out!)

For additional information about Ramadi and the prevalence of IEDs plaguing soldiers in Iraq, go to mission 28, watch the movie, and read the corresponding Intel.

Release Date: December 21, 2004

Ramadi Convoy Exercise

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