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Mission 28 - Satellite Imagery
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Capital of the Anbar province and home to 400,000 residents, Ramadi is situated 70 miles west of Baghdad on the Euphrates River. With its urban marketplace and multiple mosques, Ramadi is considered a vital stopover in the caravan route between Baghdad and Amman.

Ramadi is an insurgent stronghold, on par with Fallujah in terms of violence and anti-American sentiment. The city became a virtual no-go zone for US troops in April when a single battle in Ramadi claimed the lives of 12 Marines.

Authorities became increasingly fearful the January elections would be compromised unless the insurgency that stifled Ramadi and neighboring cities was broken. The US has staged countless operations designed to loosen the grip of rebel forces in Ramadi, and now a daily presence of Marines on the streets is commonplace. It is an ongoing peace effort, one that incenses the historically unchallenged insurgents.

Troops stationed in Ramadi - the First Marine Expeditionary Force and the 2nd Infantry Division - endure near-daily attacks. More than 129 Marines have been killed in the Anbar province since March. At least one in four of those soldiers have died in Ramadi.


Ramadi Convoy Exercise