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Mission 28 - Overview
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Ramadi-Fallujah Highway, Iraq: The United States Army is taking steps and developing tools to help its soldiers learn how to anticipate and react to Improvised Explosive Devices - or IEDs - in Iraq. Kuma Reality Games is honored to have been asked to help. Today's mission is a convoy exercise built in conjunction with the Army's Combined Arms Support Command and designed to help prepare our nation's finest for the dangerous missions that lie ahead.

Improvised explosive devices are claiming more coalition lives than any other weapon being used in Iraq today, and insurgents are seizing what may be their only chance at leveling the battlefield. The rudimentary IED has a long, bloody history of effectiveness. Makeshift explosive devices helped drive the Israelis out of Lebanon and the Soviets out of Afghanistan. They were also used against US soldiers in Vietnam. But the sheer number of successful IED attacks in Iraq is unparalleled.

In soda cans, on telephone poles, attached to curbsides, inside dead animals, and even on human corpses, improvised explosive devices litter the Iraqi landscape, maiming and killing soldiers and civilians in every city. The epidemic surge in IEDs has cost the US government hundreds of millions of dollars and countless, precious man-hours in learning to combat the brutal and relentless threat.

The lifelines of the US-led coalition, its supply convoys, are particularly at risk for IED attacks. Military vehicle routes are easy to predict, and convoys are ambushed often. They are now witnessing daisy-chains -- strings of IEDs connected together to defeat US convoy tactics and create massive kill zones. Where IEDs were once a precursor to small-arms fire, they are increasingly being used as a stand-in for insurgents' direct attacks.

In this week's Kuma News report, Jacki Schechner talks to Major General Thomas L. Wilkerson, CEO of the United States Naval Institute, who explains how insurgents have succeeded against the world's most powerful armed force with simple "asymmetric" tactics like IEDs. And Dante Anderson, Kuma's Head of Product Development, discusses the weapons, tactics, and vehicles you'll use in a single-player patrol and the stunningly accurate re-creation of convoy operations you will experience in multiplayer.

Release date: November 30, 2004

Ramadi Convoy Exercise

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