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Mission 28 - News Coverage
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Mosul Insurgents Targeted
Soldiers from the Iraqi National Guard and the 25th Infantry Division's Stryker Brigade Combat Team will engage in an offensive at the request of Duraid Kashmoula, the governor of Ninevah. The operations, to be carried out in southeastern and southwestern Mosul, come in light of daily insurgent attacks on several police stations and other targets within the city.
Peterson Found Guilty
Scott Peterson has been found guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances in the death of his pregnant wife, Laci. The Modesto, CA couple dominated the headlines for 2 ½ years after Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve 2002. Her husband was arrested after Laci and her baby's bodies washed ashore near a marina where Peterson went fishing the day of his wife's disappearance. Peterson was also found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his unborn son. He is eligible to receive the death penalty.
Yasser Arafat Laid to Rest
Yasser Arafat has been buried in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on the grounds of the Muqata. The former Palestinian leader died at a French military hospital near Paris at the age of seventy-five after spending four decades leading the effort for a Palestinian nation. Arafat was charged by Israel for bombings and civilian attacks, but Palestinians believe Arafat was a freedom fighter who brought to light the injustices of the Palestinian people.
No Saving Ryan From FCC Fears
Nearly a third of ABC's TV affiliates refused to air the Veterans Day broadcast of "Saving Private Ryan," citing concerns over governmental crackdowns on indecency. Due to the film's profanity and graphic violence, only 159 of ABC's 225 affiliates carried the uncut feature, set during the Allied invasion of Normandy. The US Federal Regulatory Commission has taken a tough new stance against indecency in light of the Super Bowl half-time show last February when pop star Janet Jackson's breast was exposed during a live filming.
Chinese Sub Invades Japan
A Chinese submarine entered Japanese territorial waters, prompting Japan to lodge a formal protest in Beijing. Tokyo sent reconnaissance aircraft and naval destroyers to tail the sub for two hours before it headed north out of Japan's waters. Chinese envoy Cheng Yonghua says the Chinese authorities are investigating under pressure from Japanese foreign minister Nobutaka Machimura, who has firmly demanded an explanation.
International Manhunt for Syrian
Dutch authorities have launched an international manhunt for a Syrian they believe is the leader of a radical Muslim network. A 43-year-old Syrian man is suspected of having been involved in the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, making threats against a politician, and planning attacks on Dutch government buildings. The search began after investigators made a string of arrests of suspected Islamist extremists in the Netherlands.
American Held Hostage in Iraq
Iraqi insurgents have kidnapped an American manager employed at Baghdad airport. Al Jazeera, the Arabic television station, showed footage of a man kidnapped by the 1920 Revolution Brigades, a group which has previously kidnapped people working with US forces. Papers shown in the video identified the man as Dean Sadek. There were no identifying militants in the background as are sometimes seen in kidnapping victim's videos.
Nicaragua to Destroy Missiles
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld received a promise that Nicaragua would destroy all of its portable antiaircraft missiles supplied by the Soviet Union and Cuba. Since the 1980s, more than 2,000 shoulder-fired SA-7 missiles have been part of the Nicaraguan arsenal. The US has tried to encourage Nicaragua to destroy it arsenal of missiles, which are in demand by terrorists who could down a commercial airliner using a SA-7. With a high black-market value and portability, the missiles have been a serious concern to the US for years.

Ramadi Convoy Exercise

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