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Mission 28 - Description
Ramadi Convoy Exercise

Your supply convoy is tasked with bringing material, food, and ammunition to the soldiers on the front lines in Ramadi, Iraq. Your success is vital as what you carry to the troops is their mainstay. They cannot continue the fight without your charge.

As you make your way down the dangerous stretch of highway, you anticipate insurgents will attempt to cut off supply routes by attacking your convoy with small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades, and improvised explosive devices. The last of these three is the most dangerous as the IED comes in many forms, is often well-hidden, and can be detonated at any time to maximize its deadliness.

You must remain calm and alert. At the first sign of an IED explosion, you must counter the ambush with an explosive fight of your own. You have choices to make and split seconds in which to make them. Do you immediately dismount and attack? Or do you speed through the ambush, regroup, and take the fight back to the enemy? And once you've survived your first attack, are you prepared for what may lie on the road ahead?

Remember, IEDs are everywhere.


Ramadi Convoy Exercise